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Saudi Arabia's Premier League and Tourism Authority Unite to Elevate Global Presence.

Salem Badughaish

Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia

Saudi Tourism Authority (STA) and the Roshn Saudi League (RSL) have announced a landmark partnership. With 'Saudi, Welcome to Arabia' being named as an official Platinum Sponsor of RSL, this collaboration is set to captivate audiences worldwide by leveraging the kingdom's rich cultural and sporting heritage.

This strategic alliance comes at a time when Saudi Arabia is aggressively promoting its tourism sector, aiming to attract visitors from across the globe. By associating with RSL, which features some of the world's most renowned football talents, STA is keen on showcasing the vibrant and diverse facets of Saudi culture and sports to an international audience.

A Fusion of Sports and Culture to Boost Tourism

The partnership between STA and RSL is more than just a sponsorship deal; it's a concerted effort to develop and market tourism products and experiences that highlight Saudi Arabia as a top travel destination. This initiative is expected to strengthen ties with local football clubs, paving the way for future partnerships and collaborative ventures.

Abdullah Ibrahim Alhagbani, Chief of Partnerships and Executive Affairs at STA, emphasized the significance of this partnership in achieving the Authority's mission of positioning Saudi Arabia as a leading global tourism hotspot. "Together, we aim to spotlight Saudi's rich cultural heritage and diverse attractions, driven by our unwavering commitment to excellence in sports and entertainment," Alhagbani stated.

Expanding Global Influence Through Sports

The collaboration also reflects RSL's growing global influence and appeal, as highlighted by Carlo Nohra, the Chief Operating Officer at the Saudi Pro League. "Our partnership with 'Saudi, Welcome to Arabia' not only showcases our mutual dedication to excellence but also our commitment to providing unforgettable experiences for football fans worldwide. We are setting new benchmarks for sports and tourism in the region, showcasing the best of what Saudi Arabia has to offer," Nohra expressed.

The partnership is a strategic milestone for RSL, enhancing its international visibility and reinforcing Saudi Arabia's position as a premier destination for football enthusiasts around the world. It aligns with RSL's objectives to expand its fan base globally, leveraging the country's renowned attractions and leading status in the tourism industry.

About Saudi Tourism Authority

Launched in June 2020, the Saudi Tourism Authority is tasked with promoting Saudi's tourism destinations globally and enhancing the destination's appeal through various programs, packages, and business support. With the goal of developing the country's unique assets and destinations, STA plays a crucial role in hosting and participating in industry events and promoting Saudi's destination brand both locally and internationally. Operating 16 representative offices worldwide, STA serves 38 countries, underscoring Saudi Arabia's commitment to becoming a global tourism leader.

Source: SAFF Media


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