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San Diego FC and Club Tijuana Forge Groundbreaking Five-Year Partnership.

Roger Hampel

San Diego FC Club Tijuana
San Diego FC Club Tijuana

In an exciting development for soccer fans in the border region, San Diego FC (SDFC) and Club Tijuana (Xolos) have unveiled a historic five-year partnership, highlighting a collaborative effort that promises to invigorate the local and international soccer landscape. This partnership marks the first-ever formal alliance between an MLS team and a Liga MX club, setting the stage for annual friendly matches and cultural festivities at the Snapdragon Stadium starting in 2025.

A New Era of Cross-Border Soccer Collaboration

The announcement of this partnership is not just about soccer; it’s a celebration of the shared cultural heritage that spans the U.S.-Mexico border. Less than 25 miles apart, SDFC and Xolos will come together to host a yearly football celebration that includes not only the game itself but also community engagement and cultural exchanges. This initiative reflects a deeper commitment to using sport as a bridge between diverse communities, fostering unity and shared joy among fans from both cities.

Annual Friendly Matches and More

The centerpiece of this partnership will be an annual friendly match to be played at Snapdragon Stadium. These matches are intended to be more than just games; they aim to be a festival of football, bringing together fans, families, and communities in a vibrant celebration of the sport. Included in the SDFC season ticket package, these games will also ensure ample access for Xolos fans, affirming the inclusive spirit of the partnership.

Community and Cultural Impact

Beyond the excitement on the pitch, both clubs have committed to collaborative community service projects that will benefit both San Diego and Tijuana. This aspect of the partnership underscores the clubs' commitment to positive social impact, demonstrating that football can be a powerful tool for community development and engagement.

Vision for the Future

San Diego FC’s CEO, Tom Penn, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing the potential for intense competition on the field and meaningful collaboration off it. Meanwhile, Jorgealberto Hank, President and Owner of Club Tijuana, highlighted the alliance as the beginning of a significant and impactful relationship between the two clubs.

This partnership is poised to offer a unique blend of top-tier football, cultural exchange, and community engagement. As plans for additional entertainment and festival elements unfold, the annual events promise to grow into landmark occasions that celebrate the rich, binational heritage of the region.

Engaging Fans and Fostering Growth

Both clubs are keen on making the partnership accessible to fans. SDFC is offering various season ticket memberships, including options for founding members who wish to be part of the club from its very first MLS season. These initiatives are designed not only to boost fan engagement but also to fund community and charitable activities through initiatives like the deposit campaign, which supports local non-profits.


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