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RCD Espanyol Expands Its Global Footprint with New High-Performance Sports Complex in Quintana Roo.

Roger Hampel

Catalonia's RCD Espanyol has teamed up with the Government of the State of Quintana Roo in Mexico to establish a high-performance soccer center, marking another significant step in the club's international expansion strategy.

Building Bridges in Quintana Roo

The joint venture aims to develop a footballing project with a robust social component in the Mexican region. It promises to boost local young talent while simultaneously extending the club's presence in Mexico. One of the key aspects of this partnership is its focus on promoting healthy practices and positive values across the State's eleven municipalities through various sports activities and fostering an active lifestyle.

Training the Next Generation of Soccer Stars

This new sports complex will apply the same training programs that RCD Espanyol has successfully implemented in its youth academy and extensive network of international academies. These programs have proven successful in nurturing world-class soccer talent, demonstrating the club's capability in sports development.

Tourism and Economic Benefits

Beyond the sports development angle, this agreement serves as a lucrative opportunity to promote sports tourism in the region. "The construction of this center will provide a destination to leverage sports facilities to attract sports tourism, involving attracting visitors interested in activities related to the sport," the club detailed.

Strategic Importance of the Mexican Market

RCD Espanyol has worked diligently on internationalization, maintaining a strong presence in strategic markets like China, Indonesia, Mexico, and South Africa through international academies and sponsorship agreements. With Mexico hosting the 2026 World Cup along with the U.S. and Canada, the country remains a strategic location for the club's global projects.

A Long-standing Relationship and Bright Future

The partnership with Quintana Roo culminates over 12 years of collaboration and becomes one of the longest-standing alliances within La Liga. The location serves as a bridge between various regions, facilitating the club's expansion into other markets in Latin America and North America.

The club values the agreement positively and is in full swing of its expansion process in Mexico, thanks to the Impulse Plan of La Liga with CVC funds, exporting their know-how in training, academies, and grassroots soccer.

In conclusion, the new sports complex is not merely a business venture but also a commitment to social responsibility and the promotion of a healthy, active lifestyle, establishing RCD Espanyol as a global sports brand.

Source: RCD Espanyol via La Liga Newsletter. (2023). Retrieved from La Liga Newsletter


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