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RB Leipzig's Innovative New Headquarters: The Future of Corporate Office Spaces.

Roger Hampel

RB Leipzig Headquarters
RB Leipzig Headquarters

RB Leipzig is setting a new standard for corporate office environments with the construction of its innovative new headquarters. Slated for completion by the end of 2025, this new facility is poised to transform the workplace culture and emphasize sustainability in office design.

Strategic Location and Design

Located at the intersection of Capastraße and Erich-Köhn-Straße, the new RB Leipzig headquarters will span an impressive 14,500 square meters over four floors. The building's design is a testament to modern architectural thinking, emphasizing open spaces that encourage communication and collaboration among staff.

A Commitment to Sustainability

In an era where environmental concern is paramount, RB Leipzig is leading by example. The headquarters are primarily constructed from spruce wood, a material known for its sustainability and low carbon footprint. Additionally, the construction project includes the planting of 1,770 tree saplings, a move that highlights the club's commitment to environmental reclamation and sustainability.

Modern Facilities for Enhanced Employee Experience

The new headquarters will house up to 300 state-of-the-art workstations, designed to accommodate the modern-day demands of flexibility and agility in the workplace. The layout fosters an environment conducive to cross-departmental collaboration and dynamic work arrangements.

Further enhancing the employee experience, the facility will include:

  • - A staff restaurant with seating for about 140 people, plus additional outdoor seating for the warmer months.

  • - A fitness studio located on the third floor, promoting health and wellness among employees.

  • - A basement garage with approximately 80 parking spaces, complemented by 70 outdoor parking spaces, including designated spots for bicycles and scooters, and charging stations for electric vehicles.

Forward-Thinking Infrastructure

The inclusion of a fitness studio and a modern cafeteria within the building underscores RB Leipzig’s forward-thinking approach to workplace wellness and employee satisfaction. Such facilities are pivotal in boosting employee morale and productivity by providing conveniences that help balance work and personal life.


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