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RB Leipzig and MAN Reinforce Partnership with Advanced Lion’s Coach L Team Bus.

Roger Hampel

RB Leipzig Man
RB Leipzig Man

RB Leipzig, in collaboration with MAN Truck & Bus Deutschland GmbH, has unveiled a dynamic addition to their fleet during the crucial final stages of the season. This latest powerhouse, the award-winning MAN Lion’s Coach L, is set to serve primarily as the team bus for RB Leipzig's Bundesliga youth and women's teams. Additionally, it will be available to the men's team as needed.

The new 480-horsepower vehicle is designed to provide exceptional comfort and efficiency for the athletes on the go. It features 36 luxurious passenger seats, each with adjustable footrests and backrests, catering to the comfort needs of the players during travel. The bus also includes three electrically adjustable face-to-face tables, ideal for team meetings and strategy discussions on the move.

Equipped for top performance, the nearly 14-meter-long MAN Lion’s Coach L boasts a comfort kitchen, a refrigerator, a comprehensive multimedia system, and ample additional storage and stowage compartments. These features ensure optimal travel comfort, allowing athletes to relax and focus on their upcoming games.

Since 2020, MAN Truck & Bus Deutschland GmbH has been an official supplier for RB Leipzig, with their partnership recently extended until 2027. This relationship highlights the commitment of both organizations to excellence, innovation, and providing the best possible conditions for their teams.

The investment in such high-quality transportation underlines RB Leipzig’s dedication to providing their players with the best facilities and support, ensuring they can perform at their highest levels. This new addition not only enhances the logistical capabilities of RB Leipzig but also solidifies MAN’s role as a key partner in the sports industry.

As RB Leipzig continues to compete at the top of German and European football, their partnership with MAN Truck & Bus not only boosts their operational capabilities but also their standing in the world of football, where every detail counts towards the bigger goal of winning.

Source and Photo Credit: RB Leipzig


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