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Olympique de Marseille and Randstad Extend Partnership Through 2027.

Roger Hampel

Olympique de Marseille Randstad
Olympique de Marseille Randstad

Olympique de Marseille (OM) has officially announced the extension of its partnership with Randstad, a leading global HR services provider, until 2027. This continuation marks a significant commitment from Randstad, not only towards OM’s men's and women's first teams but also its youth training center.

A Strategic Collaboration Built on Shared Values

Randstad's collaboration with OM is rooted in a shared emphasis on human development and skill enhancement. This partnership aims to leverage Randstad's expertise in human resources to support all club collaborators and address topics intersecting sports, business, and HR practices. The continuation of this partnership is a testament to the shared values of individual and collective commitment, the pursuit of excellence, and the nurturing of talent—principles that resonate deeply with both organizations.

Impactful Initiatives and Community Engagement

Over the past three years, Randstad and OM have launched several successful initiatives. Notable among these is the “Au cœur de l'OM” series, which provides insights into the various professions within the club. Additionally, a major job day event was organized at the Orange Vélodrome, offering over 1,000 job opportunities to candidates. Another highlight was the invitation of young players from FC Castellane to the Clipper Stad Amsterdam, where they explored maritime professions, showcasing Randstad's commitment to community engagement and youth development.

Looking Ahead: Employment Days and Exclusive Experiences

Looking forward, Randstad plans to continue developing unique activations in collaboration with OM. These include several "Employment Days" designed to enhance job accessibility in Marseille and its surrounding regions, helping locals discover potential careers and receive guidance in their job search efforts. Randstad will also offer new exclusive experiences for OM's fan base, known affectionately as the "Blue & White People."

Expanding the Partnership Scope

In a move symbolizing mutual trust and a shared commitment to growth, Randstad will also become a partner of OM’s training center and the women's first team, increasing their visibility across all training apparel. This expanded partnership underscores Randstad’s role not only as a supporter of professional football but also as an advocate for gender equality in sports.

Executive Insights on the Partnership

Frank Ribuot, President of Randstad France, expressed pride in advancing this partnership, noting that Randstad's support extends beyond just business—it enriches the training of OM’s female and male first teams and the youth academy. Pablo Longoria, President of Olympique de Marseille, reflected on the successful journey with Randstad, highlighting the long-term project at OM and the enthusiasm for continuing this fruitful collaboration.

About Randstad France

Founded in the Netherlands in 1960 and operating in 39 countries, Randstad is the world’s leader in the HR services industry. In France alone, Randstad boasts 15,000 employees and a national network of 900 locations, deploying an average of 85,000 temporary workers weekly and recruiting nearly 27,000 professionals annually in permanent and temporary roles. The Randstad Group in France achieved a turnover of 3.8 billion euros in 2023 and is a proud Official Supporter of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Source: OM Media


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