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OGC Nice Welcomes New Sporting Director Florian Maurice and Manager Franck Haise for a Bright Future.

Roger Hampel

OGC Nice Florian Maurice Franck Haise
OGC Nice Florian Maurice Franck Haise

OGC Nice is entering a new era with the appointment of Florian Maurice as the club's sporting director and Franck Haise as the first-team manager. This strategic move aims to bolster the club's ambitions in both French and European football, as articulated during the official announcement at the club headquarters yesterday.

Strategic Leadership Reinforcements

OGC Nice has laid a strong foundation for future success with the addition of two prominent figures in football management. Florian Maurice, a seasoned expert with profound experience in French and European football, joins as the new sporting director. His track record of reliability and long-term strategic planning was a key factor in his appointment. President Jean-Pierre Rivère and CEO Fabrice Bocquet have expressed confidence in Maurice’s ability to propel the club towards its ambitious goals.

Franck Haise, who has been appointed as the manager, brings a wealth of experience from his impressive tenure at RC Lens, where he transformed the team from Ligue 2 contenders to Champions League participants. His holistic approach and proven leadership have crafted teams that are not only competitive but also play attractive, attacking football.

Setting High Standards and Goals

Under their new leadership, OGC Nice is poised to enhance its stature in Ligue 1 and make a significant impact in the Europa League. Maurice’s role will be crucial in aligning the club’s sporting strategy with its lofty aspirations. “The team has just finished fifth, and we’ll be playing in the Europa League next season. It’s our job to work with determination and humility to help OGC Nice to keep improving,” Maurice stated, emphasizing the club’s commitment to continuous improvement.

Franck Haise’s arrival is particularly noteworthy. His recent accolade as Ligue 1’s manager of the 2022–23 season underscores his ability to elevate teams to top-tier performance levels. Haise’s vision for the club and his immediate rapport with the board facilitated a swift agreement, signaling a shared eagerness to commence this new chapter.

Reuniting with Familiar Faces

At OGC Nice, Haise will be reunited with performance director Laurent Bessière and fitness coach Ghislain Dubois, with whom he has previously worked at RC Lens. This reunion is expected to enhance team dynamics and performance, leveraging their past successful collaborations.

Long-term Vision for Success

Both Maurice and Haise are committed to building a sustainable model of success for OGC Nice. Their appointments are not just about immediate results but about fostering a culture of excellence and progress within the club. The strategic vision involves nurturing young talent, enhancing the club’s competitive edge, and solidifying its position as a force in both domestic and European competitions.

Source: OGC Nice


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