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Norwich City and Nuffield Health Extend Partnership to Boost Health and Fitness Initiatives.

Roger Hampel

Norwich City Nuffield Health
Norwich City Nuffield Health

Norwich City is delighted to announce the extension of their partnership with Nuffield Health, further cementing their joint commitment to promoting health and wellbeing across the community. This collaboration is set to enhance the resources available to Norwich City's men's, women's, and academy teams, providing them with access to Nuffield Health's extensive facilities in Norwich.

Nuffield Health's Prominent Logo on Women's Trainingwear

In a move that celebrates and supports women's football, the renewed partnership will feature Nuffield Health's logo prominently on the trainingwear of Norwich City Women. This gesture not only showcases the support for the women's team but also aligns with the growing visibility and popularity of women's sports.

Access to Award-Winning Health Facilities

Nuffield Health, known for its award-winning hospitals and wellness clubs, plays a pivotal role in building a healthier nation through its day-to-day services and community support programs. The partnership allows Norwich City players to utilize these state-of-the-art health facilities, contributing to their overall physical development and sporting excellence.

A United Mission for Healthier Communities

Phil Wright, general manager at Nuffield Health Norwich, expressed excitement about the continued partnership, emphasizing the shared mission to foster a healthier nation. The support for Norwich City aligns with Nuffield Health's purpose, especially as they back the women’s team, which serves as an inspiration for community engagement in sports and physical activities.

Strengthening the Health-Sport Collaboration

Flo Allen, general manager of Norwich City Women, and Jonathan Casbon, head of partnerships at Norwich City, both acknowledged the perfect synergy between health and sport that this partnership embodies. They praised the strengthened relationship with Nuffield Health, highlighting the benefits it brings to the club's players, staff, and fans, and the positive impact it has on the wider community.

This partnership renewal between Norwich City and Nuffield Health represents a strategic effort to support athletes' health and performance while also encouraging community involvement in sports. The collaboration stands as a testament to the power of combining sports with health and wellness initiatives to achieve greater community wellbeing.


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