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Nike's Partnership with DFB Marks the End of an Era for Adidas.

Roger Hampel

DFB Nike
DFB Nike

In a groundbreaking move that signals a new chapter in the history of sports sponsorships, the German Football Association (DFB) has announced a major shift in its kit supplier agreement. Starting from 2027, Nike Inc will become the official kit supplier for all of Germany’s national football teams, marking the end of an era for Adidas, which has been synonymous with German football for more than seven decades.

The partnership between Nike and the DFB, set to last until 2034, is not just a commercial agreement but a commitment to the holistic development of football in Germany. DFB President Bernd Neuendorf expressed enthusiasm about the future collaboration, highlighting the trust and the mutual goals shared by both entities. This partnership is poised to enhance the comprehensive development of German football, benefiting every level from amateur to professional play.

Adidas and the DFB share a rich history, one that is deeply ingrained in the fabric of German football. The announcement, therefore, signifies the end of a long-standing relationship that has contributed immensely to the sport's development in the country. Adidas has been at the heart of German football’s most triumphant moments, supplying kits for the national teams and supporting the sport’s growth at all levels.

The transition to Nike as the new kit supplier is based on a transparent and non-discriminatory tender procedure, with Nike's proposal outshining competitors not only financially but also through its vision for the sport in Germany. Nike’s commitment extends beyond the professional sphere, emphasizing support for amateur and grassroots sports and the sustainable development of women’s football.

DFB Treasurer Stephan Grunwald highlighted the association's unique role in supporting its members financially, a testament to the DFB's standing as a central social institution. Nike’s partnership is seen as a beacon of financial stability, promising to uphold the nation’s beloved sport and making football accessible at comparatively low prices.

As this new partnership heralds a future of potential and growth for German football, it also marks a respectful close to the longstanding alliance with Adidas. The DFB acknowledges the significant contribution Adidas has made to German football, emphasizing a commitment to honoring this relationship until the transition in 2027.

This shift is more than just a change of logos on the jerseys; it represents a new strategic direction for the DFB, aligning with a global brand that shares its vision for the future of football in Germany. As the DFB embarks on this new journey with Nike, the legacy of its partnership with Adidas will always be remembered as a foundational period of growth and success in German football history.

Based on source: DFB


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