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NFL Targets Real Madrid's Bernabeu and Rio for Next Season's Games.

Roger Hampel

NFL Real Madrid Estadio Santiago Bernabeu
NFL Real Madrid Bernabeu

As the NFL sets its sights on London with an exciting triple-header, there's already buzz about the league's next international destinations. Peter O'Reilly, the NFL's executive vice president, drops hints about Spain and Brazil becoming the potential new venues.

In a recent development, NFL authorities were spotted surveying potential stadiums in Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paulo, aiming to introduce the regular-season games to these vibrant cities by the upcoming season.

Delving into the matter, O'Reilly shared, "We're consistently evaluating diverse locations, understanding the local stadiums and the support we can anticipate." While no formal announcements have been made, the NFL's interest in these markets is unmistakable.

Top of the NFL's list in Madrid are the renowned football sanctuaries: Estadio Santiago Bernabeu of Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid's Estadio Metropolitano. Intriguingly, neither Spain nor Brazil has ever played host to the NFL's regular-season bouts.

Reflecting on the global enthusiasm for the NFL, O'Reilly cited an overflowing Super Bowl viewing event in Brazil. "Prominent soccer clubs globally are enthusiastic about hosting the NFL, hinting at a potential collaboration," he remarked.

With the NFL's relentless pursuit of expanding its global footprint, this year witnesses a lineup of five European games. The strategic decision to assign international marketing rights to Spain for teams like the Dolphins and Bears adds to the speculation.

O'Reilly also teased the idea of Australia being on the NFL's radar, despite foreseeable logistical hurdles.

He summed up by saying, "Brazil and Spain are not just lucrative markets; they resonate with our club's ambitions. Our goal is to synergize these games with the clubs' vision of fan base expansion."

For now, NFL fans have the London games at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and fixtures in Frankfurt to look forward to, as the league continues its global journey.

Source: ESPN


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