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Newcastle United Teams Up with JD Sports as New Official Sports Retail Partner.

Roger Hampel

Newcastle United JD Sports
Newcastle United JD Sports

Newcastle United has announced an exciting new partnership with JD, the leading sports fashion and outdoor retailer, establishing JD as the club's Official Sports Retail Partner. This multi-year deal marks a significant step in Newcastle United's commercial strategy, aligning with a globally recognized brand to enhance the availability and variety of club merchandise.

Expanding Retail Presence with JD Sports

Starting from the 2024/25 season, JD will begin stocking official adidas Newcastle United kits, training wear, and other merchandise ranges. These products will be available in selected stores across the UK and Europe and online via JD’s extensive digital retail network. This partnership is set to provide Newcastle United fans with unprecedented access to club merchandise both in physical stores and online, reflecting both parties' commitment to reaching a wider fan base.

Enhanced Fan Experience and Access

Newcastle United has recently ventured into managing its own in-house retail operations. The collaboration with JD Sports is expected to complement this initiative by offering fans enhanced choices and easier access to official merchandise. According to Peter Silverstone, Newcastle United's Chief Commercial Officer, this partnership aims to deepen fans' connection with the club by making club-branded products more accessible.

"Teaming up with JD not only meets the growing demand for our club's merchandise but also connects our fans with the club’s identity wherever they are," Silverstone explained.

Boosting Local and European Market Reach

The strategic partnership is poised to leverage JD's significant market presence, which includes over 1,200 stores in 24 countries and dedicated e-commerce platforms across multiple regions. This will ensure that Newcastle United's merchandise is readily available to its fanbase, not just locally but also across Europe.

Michael Armstrong, JD’s Global Managing Director, emphasized the synergy between the two organizations: "This partnership aligns perfectly with JD’s goal to expand our footprint in the football world. By combining our extensive retail network with Newcastle United's passionate fanbase, we are set to elevate the retail experience for fans and introduce the club's latest adidas range to a broader audience."

Promotional Activities and Fan Engagement

As part of the partnership, JD will also have a digital presence at St. James' Park, home of Newcastle United, enhancing match-day and digital experiences for fans. Exclusive offers and opportunities are planned, which will integrate JD’s offerings more closely with fan activities and preferences.


The partnership between Newcastle United and JD represents a forward-thinking approach to sports merchandising and fan engagement. By aligning with JD, Newcastle United not only ensures that fans have access to the latest club merchandise but also joins forces with a powerful ally in the sports retail industry. This collaboration is set to boost Newcastle’s presence in the retail sector and provide fans with a premium selection of sports apparel and accessories, reinforcing the bond between the club and its supporters worldwide.

Source: Newcastle United Media


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