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MediaMarkt Nederland Teams Up with Feyenoord: A Strategic Move Towards Growth and Inclusion.

Roger Hampel

Feyenoord MediaMarkt
Feyenoord MediaMarkt

April 3, 2024, marks the beginning of an exciting era for Feyenoord, as MediaMarkt Nederland steps in as the new head partner. This partnership, stretching from July 1, 2024, to June 30, 2027, is not just a sponsorship but a fusion of common values and ambitious visions. The official announcement made at De Kuip, the iconic home of Feyenoord, sets the stage for a future where technology and sports converge to create unparalleled experiences for fans and communities alike.

Rooted in Rotterdam, Reaching Beyond

MediaMarkt, a household name in electronics retail, shares more than just a city with Feyenoord. Both rooted in Rotterdam, they embody a 'no-nonsense' culture and a deep engagement with society. This partnership is a natural extension of their presence in the lives of everyday people, bridging the gap between football enthusiasts and the tech-savvy.

Remko Rijnders, CEO of MediaMarkt Benelux, emphasized the inclusive nature of both football and MediaMarkt's offerings. "Football is a sport for all, and Feyenoord is the club that welcomes everyone, just as MediaMarkt serves every segment of the market," he stated, highlighting the synergy between the two.

A Visible Commitment to Diversity and Youth

The impact of this partnership will be visible on the shirts of Feyenoord's men's first team, the women's team, and the youth teams, showcasing MediaMarkt's commitment across all levels of the club. Beyond the field, MediaMarkt's presence will extend to in-stadium advertising and collaborative campaigns with Feyenoord, promising to bring exciting opportunities for fans, employees, and partners.

This partnership also underlines a shared commitment to diversity and inclusion. By supporting the women's team and youth development, MediaMarkt and Feyenoord are making a clear statement about their values. "Supporting diversity and inclusion is crucial for us," Rijnders noted, underscoring initiatives like 'Women in Retail' aimed at empowering women in the sector.

Elevating Community Engagement

Both parties are deeply involved in community projects and philanthropy. MediaMarkt's support for The Forgotten Child Foundation, the Erasmus Challenge, and earthquake victims in Turkey reflects its societal impact. Similarly, Feyenoord's Foundation has been instrumental in supporting regional and national social initiatives. This partnership will further enhance their ability to make a difference, showcasing the power of collaboration in addressing societal needs.


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