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Mathias Beck Elected as President of Eintracht Frankfurt with Record Member Approval.

Roger Hampel

Mathias Beck Eintracht Frankfurt
Mathias Beck Eintracht Frankfurt

Garnering a staggering 99.8 percent of votes at the club's most-attended general assembly, Beck takes the helm with a promise to uphold the club's rich tradition while steering it towards a progressive future.

A New Era of Leadership

Beck steps into the role with great enthusiasm and a keen awareness of the responsibilities it entails. His election reflects not only the overwhelming trust of the members but also the emotional connection he has with the club. Beck steps into big shoes, following Peter Fischer's impactful 24-year tenure, ready to infuse his tenure with ambition, commitment, and passion.

Setting the Goals High Mathias Beck Eintracht Frankfurt

During his compelling election speech, Beck acknowledged Eintracht Frankfurt's impressive evolution and stressed the importance of continual growth. "Our club represents great tradition – but also, above all, a great future," Beck declared, underscoring his vision for Eintracht to remain the heart of Frankfurt and the surrounding region for centuries to come.

Commitment to Core Values

Beck's presidency is set to embrace expansion and innovation. He plans to broaden the range of sports available, which already spans over 50 disciplines, necessitating investments in new facilities and the sustainable development of volunteer work. “People's commitment is also important to me,” Beck said, emphasizing the need for better incentives for club life participation and volunteering.

Modernization and Digitalization

A continued focus on modernization and digitalization is also on Beck's agenda. Realizing these goals, especially the promotion of sports and investment in new facilities, requires the support of other companies. Beck is committed to developing new strategies for attracting sponsorships and donations.

Source: Eintracht Frankfurt


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