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MAPFRE Becomes Official Sponsor of CONMEBOL Libertadores, Elevating the Tournament Experience.

Roger Hampel


In a strategic move to deepen its engagement with football fans across Latin America, MAPFRE, the leading multinational insurance company, has become the official sponsor of the CONMEBOL Libertadores. The partnership, announced on April 29, 2024, is set to enhance the prestigious club competition, running from May 2024 until December 2026.

A Strategic Alliance for Broader Engagement

This sponsorship agreement involves brand activations and promotions across all matches of the CONMEBOL Libertadores in each participating country. Antonio Huertas, President of MAPFRE, expressed the company's enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "In Latin America, few things are as significant as football, a sport that promotes values such as effort, teamwork, equality, inclusion, perseverance, and respect. By sponsoring CONMEBOL, we aim to help foster the sport on a continent united by passion." Huertas emphasized MAPFRE's commitment to providing fans with unique experiences and building a long-term emotional connection with the audience.

Alejandro Domínguez, President of CONMEBOL, also highlighted the importance of the partnership, "We are proud to sign this agreement with MAPFRE as a sponsor of the CONMEBOL Libertadores, the most prestigious tournament in South America. We aim for each competition to connect with fans, enhancing their passion and creating unique moments and experiences."

Visibility and Fan Engagement Initiatives

The sponsorship will grant MAPFRE significant visibility in various venues, including on-field branding, press conferences, mixed zones, and flash interviews. Furthermore, MAPFRE plans to activate in-stadium promotions, engage fans in the Fan Zone, and host events in hospitality areas. They will also organize activities featuring CONMEBOL legends, further enhancing the fan experience and interaction.


With over 40 years of service in Latin America, MAPFRE serves nearly 16 million customers in the region. Globally, it stands as the top insurance company in Spain, with 30,000 employees, 30 million clients worldwide, and over 80,000 intermediaries. This new sponsorship reflects MAPFRE’s commitment to supporting what Latin Americans cherish most and reinforces its dedication to enhancing life's valuable aspects through sports.


The South American Football Confederation, known as CONMEBOL, is the governing body for football in South America. Established in Buenos Aires on July 9, 1916, it is the world's oldest football confederation. Since 2016, CONMEBOL has implemented structural reforms to modernize its governance and operations, improve the global competitiveness of its club competitions, and promote football development through increased revenue and investments. Recent years have seen significant enhancements in the tournament formats and standards, aligning with the highest global benchmarks.


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