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Manchester City and Etihad Launch Marketing Blitz at Zayed International Airport.

Roger Hampel

Manchester City Zayed International Airport
Manchester City Zayed International Airport

Manchester City's top players recently transformed the new Etihad hub at Zayed International Airport into an impromptu soccer field. This spectacle was not just for show but part of a captivating promotional video celebrating Etihad Airways' newly inaugurated terminal, which opened its doors in late 2023. The video features elite players from the treble-winning Manchester City first team, including Phil Foden, Jack Grealish, Erling Haaland, and Kevin De Bruyne, showcasing their skills in a most unexpected setting.

A Story of Dreams and Football at the Airport

The video opens with a young Emirati boy watching a clip of Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola on his mobile phone. As he walks through the terminal, he stumbles upon a pyramid of footballs and soon spots his football heroes. What follows is a heartwarming interaction initiated by Grealish and a nod of approval from Guardiola himself, leading to a playful chaos where hundreds of footballs scatter across the terminal floor.

The players then skillfully kick into action, navigating the balls back into the pyramid structure, entertaining airport passengers with their precision and flair. The scene culminates with the team and their manager boarding a flight, leaving behind memories of their brief but spectacular takeover of the airport.

A Global Premiere with a Purpose

Premiered in New York during a celebration marking the return of Etihad’s A380 service from Abu Dhabi to New York, the video does more than entertain. It serves as a strategic promotional tool for Etihad Airways and Zayed International Airport. Antonoaldo Neves, CEO of Etihad, commented on the initiative, emphasizing the dual excitement of engaging with football stars and showcasing the luxurious new terminal.

A Modern Airport for a Modern Audience

Zayed International Airport, designed to handle up to 45 million customers annually, not only supports Etihad’s growth ambitions but also redefines the airport experience. With amenities like dedicated check-in areas, state-of-the-art biometric technology, and luxurious lounges that offer direct boarding, the airport blends functionality with luxury.

A Vision of Comfort and Connectivity

According to Elena Sorlini, CEO at Abu Dhabi Airports, the video symbolizes the airport’s vision of being a welcoming hub for global travelers, providing a glimpse of Emirati hospitality and culture. The airport's design, featuring modern materials and abundant natural light, created the perfect backdrop for showcasing the football talents of Manchester City players.

A Partnership Celebrating Creativity and Innovation

Ferran Soriano, CEO of City Football Group, highlighted the long-standing partnership with Etihad Airways, which has been marked by numerous creative collaborations. This video, he noted, is a testament to the fun and creativity involved in such projects, which resonate with fans and travelers worldwide.

Source: Manchester City


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