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Royale Union Saint-Gilloise Welcomes BESIX RED as New Official Partner.

Roger Hampel

Union Saint-Gilloise BESIX RED
Union Saint-Gilloise BESIX RED

In a strategic move that promises to blend the realms of sports and real estate development, Royale Union Saint-Gilloise has announced a new partnership with BESIX RED, a subsidiary of BESIX Group, starting from the next football season. This collaboration is set to bring together two prominent entities that share a deep commitment to excellence, innovation, and community values.

A Union of Shared Values

BESIX RED, known for its extensive experience in large-scale urban projects across Europe, aligns perfectly with the ethos of Royale Union Saint-Gilloise, one of Belgium's historic football clubs. Both organizations emphasize solidarity, teamwork, conviviality, and a family-oriented approach in their operations. Gabriel Uzgen, CEO of BESIX RED, emphasized the natural synergy between the two, stating, "At BESIX RED, we share the same values as Royale Union Saint-Gilloise: solidarity, teamwork, conviviality, and family."

Strengthening Community and Business Ecosystems

The partnership is not just a sponsorship but a collaboration aimed at fostering a vibrant business ecosystem around Royale Union Saint-Gilloise. According to Victor Pensis, Head of Commercial at Royale Union Saint-Gilloise, "This collaboration reinforces our desire to create a proper business ecosystem around the club. We are delighted to welcome BESIX RED as an official sponsor."

Implications for Future Projects Union Saint-Gilloise BESIX RED

BESIX RED’s involvement with Royale Union Saint-Gilloise is expected to extend beyond traditional sponsorship. The partnership could pave the way for innovative real estate developments around the club’s infrastructure, potentially including upgrades to the stadium environment and surrounding areas. This would not only enhance the matchday experience for fans but also contribute to the urban development in the Saint-Gilles region, where the club is deeply rooted.

Long-term Benefits for Both Parties

This partnership stands to benefit both parties significantly. For BESIX RED, association with a beloved football club like Royale Union Saint-Gilloise offers a unique platform to engage with the community and increase visibility for their projects. For the football club, collaborating with a seasoned real estate developer ensures that any infrastructure projects will be handled with the utmost expertise and consideration for community impact.

Looking Ahead

As the partnership takes effect with the upcoming football season, both Royale Union Saint-Gilloise and BESIX RED are looking forward to the positive outcomes of their collaboration. This venture is expected to set a precedent for how sports clubs and real estate developers can work together to achieve mutual goals and contribute to the broader community.

Stay tuned to the official channels of both Royale Union Saint-Gilloise and BESIX RED for updates on this promising partnership and upcoming joint projects.


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