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Liverpool FC Expands Youth Development with New International Academy in North and South Carolina.

Roger Hampel

Liverpool FC Carolina
Liverpool FC Carolina

Liverpool Football Club is thrilled to announce the launch of the LFC International Academy in the US states of North and South Carolina. This initiative is part of Liverpool FC's ongoing commitment to nurturing young talent and expanding its global presence, specifically within North America.

Nurturing Young Talent ‘The Liverpool Way’

The LFC International Academy Carolinas will provide an unparalleled opportunity for young boys and girls, aged four to 18, to learn and develop their football skills under the expert guidance of LFC-accredited coaches. This academy aims to instill the rich footballing traditions and coaching methodologies that are synonymous with Liverpool FC's Academy back in Liverpool. The programs are designed not only to improve technical skills but also to enhance key life skills such as communication, teamwork, decision-making, and organization.

Comprehensive Coaching and Development Program

Ian Rush, Reds legend and ambassador for the LFC International Academy, emphasized the dual benefits of the program. It's not just the young players who stand to gain invaluable skills; the coaches too will receive extensive training through the LFC International Academy Global Coach Accreditation. This accreditation enables them to effectively deliver coaching techniques ‘The Liverpool Way’, ensuring a consistent and high-quality training experience for all participants.

Kicking Off with Exciting Opportunities

The launch of the academies will coincide with several exciting events planned for 2024. Registration for summer camps and tryouts is now open, offering young aspiring footballers a chance to begin their journey in football. To add to the excitement, the LFC International Academy is celebrating its launch with a special three-day camp from July 29 to August 2, strategically timed around the pre-season match against Manchester United in Columbia, South Carolina. This provides a perfect opportunity for young fans visiting for the match to participate in the camp, experience high-quality football training, and perhaps catch their football idols in action.

Expanding LFC’s Footprint in Youth Football

The establishment of the LFC International Academy in the Carolinas is a strategic move by Liverpool FC to tap into the growing enthusiasm for soccer in the United States and to provide a structured, professional environment for young talent to flourish. By bringing its esteemed coaching philosophy and methodology to North and South Carolina, LFC aims to play a pivotal role in the development of the sport at the grassroots level in the region.

Liverpool FC’s expansion into the Carolinas not only promises to elevate the standard of youth football training in the region but also strengthens the club’s international network of academies. This global outreach underscores Liverpool’s commitment to developing the sport worldwide and ensures that the legacy of 'The Liverpool Way' continues to inspire and shape the future of football across the globe.

Source/Credit: Liverpool FC Media


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