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Lionel Messi Set for a Farewell Match at FC Barcelona.

Roger Hampel

FOT: Leo Messi via Instagram

The iconic FC Barcelona, renowned for its rich footballing history, is making headlines once again. This time, it's about paying homage to one of its brightest stars, Lionel Messi, with a planned farewell match at the newly renovated Spotify Camp Nou.

Back in 2021, the football world watched in astonishment as Messi, deeply associated with Barcelona, parted ways due to contractual complications and later joined the ranks of Paris Saint-Germain. Yet, whispers persisted about a possible Messi reunion with Barcelona after his Parisian adventure.

Taking an unexpected route, Messi declined a tempting offer from Middle Eastern giants Al-Hilal and instead ventured to the American shores, joining MLS side Inter Miami. His decision was met with widespread admiration, as he continued to dazzle audiences with his unparalleled skills.

Although Messi earlier dismissed any immediate plans of collaborating with former teammate and current Barca coach Xavi Hernandez, the club's leadership has dropped strong hints of Messi's return to Camp Nou, albeit for a symbolic match.

In a recent chat with football enthusiasts, Deco, a key figure in the Barca hierarchy, emphasized Messi's unparalleled contribution to the club. He hinted that while the club has had its share of legends, Messi's legacy remains unrivaled. The anticipation for this special match is building, but details remain under wraps.

Lionel Messi Set for a Farewell Match at FC Barcelona.

Joan Laporta, FC Barcelona's president, shared insights into possible dates for this landmark event, revealing that the completion of Spotify Camp Nou's refurbishment in June 2026 could be a potential occasion. Another speculated date is November 2024, which holds significance for the club.

Laporta also touched upon Messi's choice of Inter Miami. According to him, Messi sought a fresh challenge away from the intense European spotlight, leading him to the sun-soaked arenas of Miami.

The football community is eagerly awaiting this reunion, which promises to be a nostalgic journey celebrating Messi's illustrious journey with FC Barcelona.


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