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LaSource to Propel Swiss Football League into Digital Future with Vision 2027 Initiative.

Roger Hampel

LaSource Swiss Football League
LaSource Swiss Football League

Swiss Football League announces a partnership with digital consultancy firm LaSource. This strategic alliance is set to catapult the league into a new era of digital innovation, with LaSource steering the development of the league's ambitious Digital Vision 2027.

In 2023, the Swiss Football League laid down the groundwork for its future, aiming to become Switzerland's most captivating sports competition and a beacon of innovative entertainment. This vision led to the creation of a comprehensive 5-year strategy, developed in collaboration with its clubs, focusing on 11 key areas, with Digital & Innovation at its core.

The league has already made significant strides in digital endeavors over the past eighteen months, achieving notable milestones that underscore its commitment to technological advancement. LaSource's expertise is now enlisted to further refine and expand upon these initiatives, crafting a comprehensive Digital Vision 2027 that will guide the league towards unprecedented growth and innovation.

Frank Schaffner, the Swiss Football League's Chief Digital Officer, expressed optimism about the partnership, stating, "We envision the Swiss Football League as the pinnacle of attractiveness and innovation in Switzerland's sports scene. Together with our stakeholders and partners, we're poised to turn this vision into reality. LaSource's involvement will be instrumental in sculpting a digital strategy that not only promotes growth but also cements our league's reputation as a pioneer in the sports industry."

Leander Monbaliu, Chief Business Officer at LaSource, shared his enthusiasm for the collaboration, remarking, "It's a privilege to join forces with the Swiss Football League on their digital transformation journey. This project resonates with our mission to empower leagues and federations to spearhead innovation within their ecosystems. Our commitment is to introduce cutting-edge solutions that not only enhance the league's digital footprint but also optimize service delivery to its primary stakeholders and clubs."

This partnership between LaSource and the Swiss Football League is more than a mere collaboration; it's a bold step towards redefining the future of sports entertainment in Switzerland. By leveraging digital technologies, the league is set to offer unparalleled experiences to its fans, further enriching Switzerland's sports culture and establishing a new benchmark for digital excellence in sports leagues worldwide.

The Swiss Football League's Digital Vision 2027, fueled by LaSource's expertise, promises to be a game-changer, setting the stage for a digitally empowered, innovative, and fan-centric future.

Source: LaSource


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