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LALIGA and Samsung Partner to Deliver Soccer News Directly to Galaxy Users.

Roger Hampel

LALIGA Samsung
LALIGA Samsung

LALIGA North America and Samsung have announced an exciting new partnership that will bring the latest news and updates from the Spanish professional soccer league directly to Samsung Galaxy devices via Samsung News. This innovative and personalized service will now feature top stories from LALIGA, offering unparalleled access to the league’s content for millions of users across the United States and Canada.

A New Era for Soccer Fans

This collaboration marks a significant step in enhancing the accessibility of LALIGA content. Samsung News curates a tailored selection of news for each user, allowing sports fans and soccer enthusiasts to stay informed about the latest thrills and developments in LALIGA. With the integration of LALIGA content, Galaxy device users can now enjoy the top stories, match highlights, player stats, and more, all at their fingertips.

Reaching Millions Across North America

LALIGA news content will be available in both English and Spanish, catering to a diverse audience across North America. This initiative not only broadens the reach of LALIGA's content but also strengthens the league’s presence in a key market. Fans in the United States and Canada can now stay connected with their favorite teams and players more seamlessly than ever before.

Statements from LALIGA and Samsung

Alan Nissim, Head of Business Operations for LALIGA North America, expressed his excitement about the partnership: “Our goal is to deliver content to our fans wherever they are, and partnering with Samsung will allow millions of our fans to stay updated with the latest news on LALIGA. This partnership will serve as a new tool to promote the league and enhance the service that LALIGA North America provides to our broadcast partners in the region.”

Maya Harris, Head of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships for Samsung, highlighted the benefits for soccer fans: “Every day, millions of people look to Samsung News for instant and personalized updates on the topics that matter the most to them. In adding LALIGA content to the service, we are giving soccer fans the news they need and broadening access to even more people.”

Enhancing the Soccer Experience

This groundbreaking collaboration will provide North American soccer fans with unprecedented access to LALIGA information, stats, and stories, further enhancing their love for soccer and deepening their connection to one of the world’s most prestigious soccer leagues. By seamlessly integrating LALIGA news into Samsung News, fans can now stay updated on their Galaxy devices with ease.

Stay Connected with LALIGA

For soccer enthusiasts, this partnership offers a convenient way to stay connected to LALIGA. Whether you are checking match results, reading player interviews, or following your favorite team's journey, Samsung News will ensure you have the latest updates right in your hand.

This collaboration signifies a new era for LALIGA fans in North America, making it easier than ever to enjoy comprehensive coverage of the Spanish soccer league. With the convenience of Samsung News, the excitement and passion of LALIGA are now just a tap away.



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