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Juventus Launches Juventus Creator Lab: A Paradigm Shift in Sports Media.

Roger Hampel

Juventus Creator Lab
Juventus Creator Lab

On 8 May 2024, Juventus ushered in a new chapter in sports media with the launch of the Juventus Creator Lab. This cutting-edge initiative embodies the club's dedication to innovative storytelling, bolstering its connection with a global fanbase and media partners. The Creator Lab stands as a revolutionary creative space modeled after Los Angeles-style creator houses and gaming studios, offering a vibrant hub where new digital content is crafted to meet the evolving needs of fans.

A Fresh Perspective on Storytelling

At the heart of this new venture is the desire to revolutionize storytelling in sports. According to Mike Armstrong, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, "Juventus Creator Lab aims to be at the forefront of storytelling, providing more for our global fanbase and better aligning to societal trends." This bold vision drives Juventus to remain relevant through unique and engaging narratives about their men's and women's first teams, Next Gen, and even their kids' animated series, Team Jay.

Since the inception of the Creator Lab concept, Juventus has already produced a documentary for Amazon Prime, eight YouTube Originals, and three TikTok mini-series. Their content ecosystem has seen a 159% increase in video views over the past two seasons, reflecting the enthusiastic reception of these new stories by fans worldwide.

Strategic Partnerships and New Collaborations

Key partnerships are central to Juventus' strategy, fostering collaborations with some of the biggest names in sports media:

  • Celine Dept: With over 43 million followers, Celine Dept is one of the world's most influential sports creators. Her involvement in the Juventus Creator Lab promises exciting new content that has already amassed over 300 million video views.

  • 433: The world's leading football community, 433, joins Juventus as a strategic media partner to deliver innovative storytelling across their combined ecosystems.

  • Wave Sports + Entertainment: A media company reshaping sports entertainment, Wave collaborates with Juventus to showcase the club's spirit across its expansive network, including FTBL and TheBestHighlights.

  • Stardust: Juventus renews its partnership with Stardust, harnessing the talents of five creators with a cumulative fanbase of 15 million followers. Their involvement will support the lab's launch and year-round activities.

Unveiling New Content

Juventus marked the occasion by debuting two original productions:

  1. 'Freestyle Saved My Life: The Story of Adonias Fonseca': This inspiring documentary chronicles Adonias Fonseca's journey from overcoming personal setbacks to becoming Juventus' official freestyler.

  2. 'Juventus Women 360': The third edition of this innovative vertical storytelling format explores the women's first team, offering exclusive insights through a four-episode series available on the new TikTok channel @juventuswomen.

The Juventus Creator Lab Space

Located in the heart of Turin, the Juventus Creator Lab spans two levels, providing a variety of studios that inspire creativity. Noteworthy spaces include:

  • Game On!: An ideation room with a gaming console and snack bar.

  • Small Talk: A streaming studio outfitted with gaming gear and wall neons.

  • The Drip: A prep area for creators and guests.

  • Silver Screen: A versatile studio with a green screen.

  • B-Roll: An LED wall and cozy interview space.

  • The Frame: A photography area for professional stills.

  • Wrap: Storage for production gear.

The Juventus Creator Lab embodies a pioneering spirit in sports media, transforming the way fans engage with their favorite club. By merging creativity, partnerships, and storytelling, Juventus is setting a new standard for how sports teams connect with their global audiences.


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