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Interview with the Founder of Legia Warsaw's Sport Business Programme - Tomasz Zahorski.

Roger Hampel

Legia Sport Business Programme
Legia Sport Business Programme

The interview was conducted in collaboration between Football Business Journal and Legia Warsaw's Sport Business Programme (LSBP).

The inauguration of the 3rd edition of Legia Sport Business Programme is on its way. Before the project kicks off we sat with Tomasz Zahorski, Legia Training Center CEO and Legia Sport Business Programme founder to discuss what makes LSBP so unique and what are the key benefits for the participants.

Legia Sport Business Programme

Roger Hampel (Football Business Journal): How would you describe Legia Sport Business Programme?

Tomasz Zahorski (CEO of Legia Training Center & Founder of LSBP): Legia Sport Business Programme is a unique educational project prepared by Legia Warsaw and Legia Training Center for current and future leaders of the professional sports industry. The programme is supported by the European Club Association.

We invite the most successful managers from different sectors of sports business to share their experience and knowledge through various forms of presentations, power speeches and case studies. The emphasis is on practice and actual problem-solving, as the theory can be obtained in several ways, but practical application is something that can be delivered efficiently with the use of examples.

Roger Hampel: When does the 3rd edition start?

Tomasz Zahorski: We are launching this edition on 12th November in Warsaw at Legia Stadium. The choice of the location is important as after the opening session with the lectures including Dariusz Mioduski (Legia Warsaw owner and President), Jeremy Cottino (European Club Association Membership Project Leader), and other top experts and personalities, we will stay there with the participants to follow the Polish derby match between Legia and Lech Poznań.

Roger Hampel: Who is the program prepared for?

Tomasz Zahorski: We address our educational offer to professionals who have been already in the market but not necessarily working in the sports business. We want to help the ambitious managers to gain specific, sport-related knowledge and strengthen their network in sports, especially football industry, so they can continue their career in sports business or start so-called ‘second careers’ in one of the most inspiring and exciting industries. We work in a small, workshop-based group which allows everyone to get a direct touch with the speakers and other participants.

Roger Hampel: What are the gains for the participants?

Tomasz Zahorski: There many of them. Let me start with securing the access to real know-how facilitated at Legia Warsaw, top football and sports brand in Central Europe, as well as European Club Association network. All lectures are led by the most successful leaders of the industry and the networking with the best practitioners of the business is made easy and comfortable.

We invite participants to unique venues – Legia Stadium and Legia Training Center, where the learning content is delivered both in English and Polish.

At the end of the programme each participant is presenting their project in front of Legia Warsaw’s Board at the closing session, and not only gets a unique certificate confirming the completion of the programme, but also may be ‘scouted’ to work with us. We already have a number of alumni from previous editions working for our organizations. Every participant gains also an exclusive priority in receiving info about job opportunities at Legia Warszawa, Legia Training Center, Legia Basket, Legia Tenis & Golf.

Roger Hampel: How one can apply to Legia Sport Business Programme and what are the steps to get approved?

Tomasz Zahorski: It is a simple process. We recommend visiting our website and applying through the application form. We ask there just for a resume and a cover letter. Once we obtain the filled form, our team contacts you and set a 1:1 telco. Shortly after the call the decision is announced.

The application process ends officially on 3rd November, so I strongly recommend everyone interested to get in touch with us soon to make sure that they can join this edition.

If you get inspired to participate in the Legia Sport Business Programme and enter the professional sport industry with the unique knowledge apply today via

Please use the FBJ2023 code if you have found about the course from us.


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