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Ibrahim Al-Muhaidib Elected as President of Al-Nassr Club's Non-profit Foundation.

Salem Badughaish

Ibrahim Al-Muhaidib Al-Nassr
Ibrahim Al-Muhaidib Al-Nassr

Ibrahim Al-Muhaidib has been unanimously elected as the president of the non-profit foundation of Al-Nassr Club. The election took place during the club's general assembly on a recent Friday, marking a new chapter in the club's leadership.

A Uncontested Election

The general assembly witnessed Al-Muhaidib's uncontested victory, where his list was the only one presented for the presidency and the board of directors of the non-profit foundation. This unanimous decision underscores the trust and confidence the club stakeholders have in Al-Muhaidib’s vision and leadership capabilities.

Leadership Team

Alongside Ibrahim Al-Muhaidib, the new board of directors for the foundation includes several key figures:

Abdul Aziz Al-Omar as vice president,

Khaled bin Walid Al-Malek,

Yasser Suleiman Al-Khalawi,

Qafari bin Saleh Al-Qafari,

Ziad Wahbi Suleiman, and

Turki Saleh Al-Tamimi as members of the board.

These individuals are set to bring a diverse range of experiences and insights to the foundation, driving forward the club’s initiatives and community engagements.

Commitment to the Club

Prior to the assembly, Ibrahim Al-Muhaidib demonstrated his commitment to Al-Nassr by providing significant financial support worth 18 million riyals to the capital club. This contribution came after a decision to postpone the general assembly, highlighting his proactive approach to addressing immediate club needs. Furthermore, Al-Muhaidib has expressed his dedication to enhancing the club’s standing and fulfilling its potential, promising the fans his utmost effort in his new role.

Strategic Vision

Under Ibrahim Al-Muhaidib’s presidency, Al-Nassr's non-profit foundation is expected to focus on several key areas including youth development, community outreach, and enhancing the club’s facilities and capabilities. His leadership is anticipated to usher in a period of robust growth and development for Al-Nassr, reinforcing its position as a leading club in the region.

Ibrahim Al-Muhaidib’s election as president of the Al-Nassr Club's non-profit foundation represents a pivotal moment for the club. His leadership, supported by a committed board, promises to drive the club towards new heights in both sports and community engagement. Fans and stakeholders alike are looking forward with anticipation to the impact of his presidency on the club’s future trajectory.


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