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How do Local Partnerships Like Bechèr and Venezia FC Enhance Football Culture and Business?

Roger Hampel

FOT: Venezia FC


In an era where football sponsorships are often associated with major international brands, the collaboration between Venezia FC and Bechèr, a renowned cured meats producer from Veneto, brings a refreshing focus back to local communities. As a previous Sleeve Partner, Bechèr now takes a more prominent role as the Main Partner on the official jerseys of Venezia FC. This partnership is more than just a business deal—it signifies the melding of two entities that share a profound commitment to preserving Venetian culture and values. In this article, we will explore the importance of local partnerships like this for football clubs.

The Importance of Local Partnerships in Football

Shared Cultural Values

Both Bechèr and Venezia FC play crucial roles in sustaining Venetian culture. With Bechèr’s ascent to Main Partner, the club can now extend its cultural messaging in ways that resonate on a deeply local level. This connection infuses the partnership with authenticity and relatability, creating a sense of community pride that can't easily be replicated by international brands.

Economic Sustainability

Football clubs often face financial volatility, especially smaller clubs or those in lower leagues. Local partnerships can offer financial stability and mutually beneficial business opportunities. In return for sponsorship, local businesses like Bechèr gain exposure through the club’s marketing channels, while the club receives vital funding.

Fan Engagement

Local sponsors understand the community and can help clubs design more targeted, meaningful fan experiences. For instance, special promotions featuring Bechèr products at Venezia FC games could enhance the fan experience while bolstering local business.

Community Building

Partnerships with local businesses can contribute to community development initiatives, from local youth training academies to cultural preservation efforts. These initiatives foster a sense of belonging and social responsibility, making the club more than just a sports team.

Why More Clubs Should Consider Local Partnerships

Trust and Credibility: Local partners are often trusted entities within the community, which can lend credibility to the club.

Hyper-Local Marketing: The synergistic efforts between the club and the local business can result in highly targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

Cultural Preservation: Such partnerships can serve as a vessel to keep local traditions and cultures alive, something that resonates well with fans and the community at large.


The alliance between Venezia FC and Bechèr exemplifies the profound impact local partnerships can have on football clubs. From sharing cultural values to economic sustainability and fan engagement, local sponsorships offer a myriad of benefits that go beyond the financial. As football continues to globalize, it’s collaborations like these that keep the local spirit and culture alive, making them an essential part of the sport's ecosystem.


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