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Frigerio Viaggi Teams Up with FIGC to Transport Italian Football Teams to Euro 2024 Dreams.

Roger Hampel


FRIGERIO VIAGGI, a renowned name in the Italian transport industry, has proudly announced a strategic partnership with the Italian Football Federation (FIGC). This collaboration highlights the transport giant's commitment to supporting Italy's male and female national football teams throughout their 2024 sporting campaigns.

A Journey Toward European Glory

As Italy gears up for the European Football Championship—Euro 2024—FRIGERIO VIAGGI has been instrumental in ensuring the national teams' transport needs are met with professionalism and enthusiasm. The partnership kicked off with an iconic moment as the teams boarded a fully branded FRIGERIO VIAGGI bus, symbolizing the start of their journey toward the dream of European glory.

In a display of logistical prowess, FRIGERIO VIAGGI managed various transfers, including those from the station to the hotel and to the Dall'Ara Stadium, where the Italian team recently played a friendly match against Turkey. The meticulously planned transport operations showcased the company's capacity to handle high-profile and sensitive assignments with ease.

This partnership transcends typical transportation services. The FRIGERIO VIAGGI branded buses are not just a mode of travel but a statement of support and pride. The branding includes significant visual elements that resonate with fans and players alike, reinforcing the bond between the teams and their journey.

Lucio Frigerio, CEO of FRIGERIO VIAGGI, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "It is an honor to support the Italian national football teams. Our commitment goes beyond providing transport; it's about being a part of something bigger, a dream that unites us all. We are thrilled to contribute to our national teams' success and boost their spirit with our high-quality services."

Enhancing Fan Engagement and Experience

The partnership also aims to enhance the fan experience by connecting them more closely with the teams' journey. Through social media and various marketing campaigns, FRIGERIO VIAGGI and FIGC are set to bring fans closer to the action, sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses and stories from the road.

A Year of Sporting Excellence

Throughout 2024, FRIGERIO VIAGGI will continue to support both the male and female teams in all their domestic engagements. This full-year commitment ensures that the Italian teams have reliable, comfortable, and stylish transportation as they traverse the country for various matches and events.


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