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Football Australia and Nike Extend Partnership for a Historic Third Decade.

Roger Hampel

Nike Australia
Nike Australia

Football Australia and Nike, two giants in the world of sports, have recently marked a significant milestone by announcing the extension of their partnership for another ten years. This extension not only cements their long-standing relationship into an impressive third decade but also represents the longest federation and club partnership in Nike's history within Australia.

A Commitment to the Future of Australian Football

The extended partnership is a testament to Nike's unwavering commitment to Australian football. It underscores the continuous support for both male and female teams at all levels, from elite national squads to grassroots initiatives. This historic agreement signals a substantial investment in the future of Australia's national teams and football at every level.

Supporting Grassroots and Inclusivity Programs

The partnership goes beyond supporting Australia’s elite national teams; it includes a dedicated investment in Football Australia’s thriving grassroots participation, inclusivity programs, and the Legacy '23 strategy. This initiative aims to harness the growth of women’s football and achieve gender parity in participation, marking a significant step for Australia’s largest community sport.

Nike's Investment in Legacy ’23

Nike has shown great pride in allocating a portion of its partnership investment specifically to the Legacy ’23 initiative. This strategy focuses on ensuring that the momentum surrounding women's football during this year’s major tournament extends into a long-lasting legacy, promoting gender equity in the sport.

A Pivotal Moment for Australian Football

James Johnson, CEO of Football Australia, highlighted this partnership as a pivotal moment for Australian football. The extended partnership not only solidifies Nike's commitment to national teams but also provides significant resources for the growth of grassroots football and the strategic development of Australia’s national iconic brands.

Nike as the Official Apparel Partner

As part of the agreement, Nike will continue to be the official apparel partner for all Australian national teams, including the Subway Socceroos, CommBank Matildas, junior and youth men's and women's squads, as well as the CommBank Pararoos and CommBank ParaMatildas.

Transformative Partnership

Johnson also noted that the partnership with Nike has been transformative for Football Australia, signifying the strength and continued elevation of Australian football on the international stage. It aligns with Nike’s Global Football strategy and highlights Australia's growing influence in the world of football.

Nike's Local Commitment to the World Game

Ashley Reade, Nike Pacific Vice President and General Manager, emphasized Nike’s pride in seeing football in Australia reach new heights, including sold-out stadiums and record-breaking jersey sales. The partnership represents Nike's commitment to fostering gender equity from grassroots to elite levels and supporting the vision of Football Australia.

Athletes' Perspective

Steph Catley, Nike athlete and vice-captain of the CommBank Matildas, expressed excitement over the continuation of the partnership. She noted that Nike’s innovative gear and commitment to the development of the game play a crucial role in advancing the sport.

Looking Ahead

As Football Australia and Nike embark on this new decade of partnership, they look forward to empowering players at all levels and inspiring the next generation of Australian footballers. This partnership stands as a beacon of commitment to the growth and evolution of football in Australia and across the globe.


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