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FC Schalke 04 and d-fine Forge New Frontiers in Sports Digitization Partnership.

Roger Hampel

Schalke d-fine
Schalke d-fine

FOT: FC Schalke 1904

FC Schalke 04 has taken a significant step towards embracing digital innovation in the football world by forging a partnership with d-fine GmbH, a leading European consulting firm specializing in data analysis and digitization. This collaboration, set for an initial duration of three years, marks d-fine GmbH as the latest addition to the S04 partner family, heralding a new era of digital prowess for the club.

Digital Expertise to Revolutionize Schalke's Performance Analysis

Florian Dederichs, Director of Sales, Sponsoring & Service at FC Schalke 04, highlighted the increasing digitization of the football industry, especially in performance-related data capture, processing, and evaluation. He expressed enthusiasm for d-fine's forthcoming support in these critical areas, emphasizing the transformative impact of their expertise on Schalke's operational and strategic initiatives.

A Leader in Digital Solutions

With 1,500 experts across Europe, d-fine stands at the forefront of consulting for data analytics and digital transformation, offering end-to-end solutions from conceptualization to technological implementation. The partnership will see d-fine assisting FC Schalke 04 in the development and optimization of digital processes within sports operations and providing advisory support for football-related data analysis.

Visibility and Engagement at the VELTINS-Arena

The collaboration was showcased during Schalke's home game against Eintracht Braunschweig on February 3rd, where d-fine's sponsorship was prominently displayed on the LED perimeter boards at the VELTINS-Arena, signaling the beginning of this digital journey to fans.

Innovative Solutions for a Connected Community

Christian Romeike, Managing Director at d-fine responsible for Sports Analytics, remarked on the unique connection between Schalke's football and its passionate community, rooted in tradition. He expressed excitement over the opportunity to accompany the club in the coming years, providing innovative, digital solutions tailored to Schalke's specific needs in sports, talent development, and beyond.

This partnership represents a strategic move by FC Schalke 04 to leverage digital technologies to enhance its competitive edge, fan engagement, and operational efficiencies. As the club aligns with d-fine's digital expertise, it sets a precedent for how sports organizations can navigate the complexities of the digital age, ensuring sustainable growth and success.

Source: FC Schalke 04


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