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From Intern to CEO: FC Augsburg Confirms Michael Ströll's Leadership Through 2029

Roger Hampel

FC Augsburg CEO Michael Ströll
FC Augsburg CEO Michael Ströll

FC Augsburg has strategically utilized the international break to make a significant off-pitch move by securing a long-term commitment from Michael Ströll, the club's CEO. Ströll, who has been an integral part of the FC Augsburg (FCA) family for nearly 18 years, has renewed his contract until June 30, 2029. This decision underscores FC Augsburg's commitment to stability and growth, anchoring its leadership as the club continues to evolve within Germany's competitive football landscape.

A Journey from Intern to CEO

Michael Ströll's remarkable journey with FC Augsburg began in 2006 as an intern when the club was competing in the Second Division. Over the years, Ströll, a sports economist who once played for FCA's second team, has held various responsibilities within the club. His ascension to the top leadership positions, including his appointment as commercial manager in 2016 and eventually taking over complete responsibility in September 2023 following Stefan Reuter's departure, illustrates a career marked by dedication and a deep understanding of the club's ethos.

Driving Success and Stability

Under Ströll's stewardship, FC Augsburg has transformed into a stable Bundesliga club, known for its structural and financial health. This stability is not just a testament to prudent financial management but also to strategic foresight in both structural and sporting dimensions. Markus Krapf, FCA President, lauds Ströll for his pivotal role in the club's successful development over the last 15 years, highlighting his visionary leadership and his emergence as a figure of identification for the club.

A Vision for the Future

Expressing his dedication to FC Augsburg's ongoing development, Ströll shared, "After almost 18 years at FCA, I can say with conviction that the further development of our club is a matter close to my heart." His leadership has been instrumental in addressing structural and strategic issues while laying down important groundwork for sporting success. Ströll's renewed commitment is a clear indicator of his belief in the club's potential for continued growth and success.

Solidifying FC Augsburg's Position

The renewal of Michael Ströll's contract until 2029 is a strategic move by FC Augsburg, ensuring leadership continuity at a time when the club is poised for growth. His long tenure and proven track record of success position him uniquely to steer the club through the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. As FC Augsburg looks to build on its solid foundation, Ströll's leadership will be critical in navigating the future, promising exciting times ahead for the club, its fans, and partners.

Source: FC Augsburg


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