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EFL Embarks on International TV Rights Agreements to Elevate Global Club Presence.

Roger Hampel

EFL TV Rights
EFL TV Rights

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English Football League (EFL) has officially sealed innovative TV rights deals. These agreements, established in collaboration with Pitch International and Relevent Sports, aim to enhance the visibility and appeal of EFL clubs worldwide over the next four years.

Unprecedented International Fees

Marking a historic milestone, these contracts secure record-breaking international rights fees for EFL clubs. With the initiation of these deals, the League will see its representation through two distinct agencies across global TV markets until the conclusion of the 2027/28 season, ensuring unparalleled exposure and financial benefits.

Pitch International will extend its 15-year partnership with the EFL, taking charge of distributing EFL rights within Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and other global regions. This long-standing alliance underscores a mutual commitment to the promotion of English football on an international stage.

In an exciting development, Relevent Sports enters the scene as a new partner, tasked with managing distribution rights across North, Central, and South America. This strategic partnership focuses on elevating the profile of EFL member clubs through targeted marketing efforts, signifying a pivotal step towards engaging with the football fanbase in these crucial regions.

Broad Spectrum of Distribution Rights

Under the new agreements, Pitch International is set to distribute a substantial selection of matches, including 155 exclusive Sky Bet Championship games, 38 League One and Two fixtures, all playoff encounters, all Carabao Cup ties, and three Bristol Street Motor Trophy matches. Additionally, a more extensive rights package is designated for betting platforms, further broadening the EFL's international reach.

Relevent Sports, focusing on the Americas, is authorized to market all EFL matches, encompassing the entirety of the Sky Bet Championship, playoff games, Carabao Cup matches, and Bristol Street Motors Trophy encounters. The agency also acquires exclusive betting rights within the US, promising a comprehensive coverage and engagement strategy.

Continuation of International Streaming

A pivotal component of these agreements is the provision for EFL clubs to maintain international streaming services. This initiative ensures that fans worldwide can access live matches directly, fostering a deeper connection with the clubs and enhancing the international fan experience.

The approval of these deals followed rigorous Request for Proposal (RFP) and Invitation to Tender (ITT) processes. These procedures were meticulously designed to maximize available inventory, strategically enhance market presence, and generate superior value for clubs across all EFL Divisions.

Optimistic Outlook from Leadership

Trevor Birch, EFL's Chief Executive, expressed his enthusiasm for the deals, emphasizing the significant revenue and branding opportunities they present. "These new agreements...provide the League and our 72 Clubs with a fantastic opportunity to establish further the EFL as a premium football brand in markets across the world," Birch stated. Both Pitch and Relevent are celebrated for their deep market insights and innovative approaches, promising to propel EFL football to unprecedented global heights.

Henri Kamerling and Boris Gartner, representing Pitch International and Relevent Sports respectively, shared their excitement and commitment to promoting EFL competitions globally. Their statements reflect a shared vision of leveraging these rights agreements to captivate a global audience and cement the EFL's status as a leading football league worldwide.

These strategic TV rights agreements herald a new era for the EFL, promising to amplify its international footprint and connect with fans across the globe like never before.


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