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"Champions League for All Fans". Union Berlin to Play UEFA Champions League Games at Olympiastadion.

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FOT: 1. FC Union Berlin

In an unexpected move, Union Berlin President has announced that the club will be playing their home matches for the UEFA Champions League at the Olympiastadion, the home ground of their city rivals, Hertha Berlin. The President recently penned a heartfelt letter to fans and stakeholders explaining the rationale behind the decision.

An Emotional Decision with Rivalry Undercurrents

The decision to move Union Berlin's home ground for Champions League matches to the Olympiastadion, known as the home of Hertha Berlin, adds a new dynamic to the city's football rivalry. The President began his letter with a heartfelt acknowledgement of the profound emotional connection the team and fans share with their home stadium, Stadion An der Alten Försterei. Despite the heightened emotions this change might trigger due to the rivalry, the President emphasized that the decision is in the best interest of Union's fans.

A Struggle for Survival to Champions League Glory

The President recalled the struggles they faced since assuming office in 2004, focused on saving the club's natural place and ensuring its future. Despite the uphill journey, the team has made impressive strides, transforming the Stadion An der Alten Försterei from the brink of decay to a Europa League knockout stage venue.

Champions League Games at the Olympiastadion

When considering whether their home stadium was suitable for the Champions League, the President revealed they had to confront significant reductions in seating and sponsor areas. This predicament led to extensive consultation with the Union Berlin community, leading to the decision to stage Champions League matches at the Olympiastadion. The choice provides an opportunity for all Union fans to experience these extraordinary games live, a luxury that wouldn't have been possible at their smaller home stadium.

Rising Above the Rivalry

Moving the games to the Olympiastadion, home of their biggest rival Hertha Berlin, may stir the pot of the city's football rivalry. However, the President emphasized, "In essence, with our decision, we have prioritized the opportunity to offer all Union fans tickets for these games, over the option to host these games for a rather small group of Union fans at the Alte Försterei."

Champions League for All Union Fans

Despite the rivalry undercurrents, the move to the Olympiastadion offers Union's 56,000 members a chance to witness their team's historic Champions League matches live. Guided by the principle of "Champions League for all Union fans", the President assured that they will strive to make these games affordable for everyone.

While some fans may be disappointed by the move, the President promised an unforgettable experience for all Union fans during this pinnacle moment in the club's history. Regardless of where they play, even in the home of their city rivals, Union Berlin's commitment to their fans remains unwavering. With Bundesliga, Champions League, and Youth League games in the upcoming season, Union Berlin promises to deliver thrilling football, filled with shared experiences and unforgettable moments.

Source: Based on the Union Berlin President's letter to club members.

Union Berlin to Play UEFA Champions League Games at Olympiastadion.


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