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Celtic FC Unveils Virtual Venue Experience at Celtic Park.

Roger Hampel


Celtic Football Club, in partnership with Ticketmaster Sport, has launched the Virtual Venue digital experience of Celtic Park. This state-of-the-art initiative was announced on February 27, 2024, marking a significant milestone in the club's ongoing efforts to bring its storied stadium closer to fans, regardless of where they are in the world.

The Future of Fan Engagement

The Virtual Venue leverages Ticketmaster's cutting-edge technology to offer supporters a fully immersive 3D journey through Celtic Park. Fans now have the unprecedented ability to explore every corner of the iconic stadium from a variety of angles, including the exhilarating perspective of standing right on the pitch. This digital innovation not only celebrates the rich history and atmosphere of Celtic Park but also enhances the practical aspects of the matchday experience.

A Seamless Stadium Visit

One of the most compelling features of the Virtual Venue is its ability to provide 360-degree views from any section of the stadium. This functionality offers fans a life-like visualization of what they can expect to see on game days, simplifying the process of selecting seats. By offering a virtual representation of views from different vantage points, Celtic FC and Ticketmaster Sport are making the journey from ticket purchase to the matchday experience smoother and more engaging.

Elevating the Fan Experience

Chris Gratton, Managing Director at Ticketmaster Sport, emphasized the importance of the Virtual Venue in enhancing the fan experience. "Developing Virtual Venue for Celtic Park is another step in elevating the fan experience," Gratton remarked. He noted that the tool has become increasingly popular among their clients, serving as a revolutionary way to bring the stadium to life digitally.

A Strategic Move by Celtic FC

The launch of the Virtual Venue is part of Celtic FC's strategic initiative to leverage the best of Ticketmaster's technology to improve ticketing and stadium experiences. By adopting this digital approach, Celtic continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and fan satisfaction, ensuring that supporters have the best possible interaction with the club, both online and on match days.


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