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Brighton & Hove Albion: A Record-Breaking Contribution to the Local Economy.

Roger Hampel

FOT: Brighton & Hove Albion

Brighton & Hove Albion, a football club with a proud history spanning 122 years, has made significant strides on and off the pitch. During their extraordinary 2022/23 campaign, they not only achieved unprecedented success on the field but also contributed a staggering £595 million to the local economy. This monumental figure marks a 281% increase compared to their first appraisal in 2019. But what's behind these numbers, and how does the club's success translate into a thriving local community?

A Season to Remember

Under the leadership of Roberto De Zerbi, Brighton & Hove Albion clinched an unprecedented sixth place in the Premier League during the 2022/23 season. This success has paved the way for the club to enter European competition for the first time in its long history.

Economic Impact

While the footballing achievement is evident, an independent assessment has shed light on the team's incredible economic influence on Brighton & Hove. The breakdown of the £595 million total includes:

£327 million of direct income

£26 million spent by visitors

£20 million spent by club employees on goods and services in Brighton & Hove

£222 million of brand and media value, boosting the city's global profile

Tourism and Job Support

The club's achievements have had a ripple effect on the tourism industry and local employment. Last season, 54,000 visitors from overseas were part of the 600,000 spectators at the American Express Stadium, collectively spending £26 million. This expenditure supported 379 jobs in the city, while the club's strong local supply chains saw employees spend over £20 million in and around Brighton & Hove.

Hosting and Global Reach

The Amex stadium also served as a venue for over 830 events, drawing 48,000 visitors and contributing £3.5 million to the local economy. The club's success has expanded its global footprint, with games watched by a worldwide TV audience of 83 million, including 75 million international viewers from regions such as China, the United States, India, parts of Africa, and the Middle East.

A Bright Future

With the prospect of adding up to £80 million to this season's total due to European qualification, the future looks bright for Brighton & Hove Albion. The club's astounding economic contribution is evidence of how sport can be a powerful driver for local economic growth, community development, and international recognition.

As the team prepares to take on new challenges, both locally and internationally, their success story is a testament to how football's appeal transcends the game itself, becoming a catalyst for economic prosperity and global connection. Brighton & Hove Albion is not just a football club; it's an institution interwoven with the very fabric of its city, contributing significantly to its growth, vibrance, and global stature.

Source: Brighton & Hove Albion


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