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Barça Hospitality Soars with 90% of VVIP Suites and Boxes Sold at the Future Spotify Camp Nou.

Roger Hampel

Barça Hospitality
Barça Hospitality

In a move that signifies unparalleled enthusiasm for the future Spotify Camp Nou, FC Barcelona has reached a remarkable milestone with the overwhelming demand for its new VIP offerings. As of today, 90% of the 20 VVIP Suites and 96 Boxes have already been sold, with many secured under long-term contracts spanning 8-10 years. This level of commitment underscores the high level of confidence and loyalty that members and customers hold for FC Barcelona’s revamped hospitality experience.

A Strategic Vision for Hospitality Excellence

The Club’s innovative approach to adapting its hospitality services to contemporary market trends is paying off. With the new Spotify Camp Nou poised to offer three times the number of premium suites and seats currently available, this strategic initiative is expected to yield an impressive annual revenue of approximately €120 million. The upgraded VVIP Suites and Boxes are tailored to deliver an unparalleled experience to fans and corporate partners alike.

Exclusive Preference to Loyal Fans and Members Barça Hospitality

Recognizing the steadfast loyalty of existing members and customers, the Club prioritized them in the sale of the VVIP Suites and Upper Tier Stand Boxes. This thoughtful approach not only rewards fan loyalty but also strengthens the bond between the Club and its supporters, ensuring a seamless transition into a new era of hospitality.

The Launch of Loge Seats

Following the sell-out of the VVIP Suites and Upper Tier Stand Boxes, FC Barcelona has unveiled its latest VIP product: Loge seats. Located in the first VIP ring of the future stadium, these exclusive 144 sofa-style seats offer unbeatable views of the action and access to the sophisticated VIP room. They can be purchased in sets of four for optimum comfort, ranging from €45,000 to €87,000 per season, depending on location. With their prime vantage points and luxurious amenities, Loge seats represent a significant step in the Club's pursuit of excellence in fan engagement.

A State-of-the-Art Sales Hub

To facilitate awareness and engagement with the new Barça Hospitality concept, FC Barcelona is set to open a cutting-edge sales office spanning 1,000 m². Designed in partnership with Legends, a global leader in premium experiences, the office will serve as a dynamic platform for immersive demonstrations using virtual reality, holograms, and other interactive technologies. This innovative space will allow visitors to experience first-hand the unrivaled sophistication of the future Spotify Camp Nou’s VIP boxes and seats.

A Future of Premium Sports Entertainment

With its new suite of VVIP Suites, Boxes, and Loge seats, FC Barcelona is redefining premium sports hospitality at the future Spotify Camp Nou. The Club’s collaboration with Legends ensures that the offerings will be on par with the best global stadia, creating unparalleled excitement and anticipation among members and supporters.

The future Spotify Camp Nou represents a turning point in sports entertainment, delivering an experience that is both sophisticated and exclusive. As sales accelerate and momentum builds, Barça Hospitality is set to become the gold standard in VIP sports experiences worldwide.


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