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Atlanta United Announces Major Expansion of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Training Ground.

Roger Hampel

Atlanta United
Atlanta United

Atlanta United is set to elevate its training facilities with a significant expansion of the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Training Ground, as confirmed in a recent announcement. This $23 million project, expected to kick off this summer and complete by summer 2025, will push the total investment in the Marietta campus to over $85 million. The expansion includes a new two-story, 20,000-square foot development that will feature modern facilities aimed at enhancing player health and well-being, a cutting-edge content production studio, and expanded spaces for the academy and front office staff.

Strategic Development for Elite Performance

Arthur M. Blank, the owner and chairman of Atlanta United, emphasized that the expansion is in line with the club's original vision to provide top-notch facilities that match the best in Major League Soccer (MLS). Originally setting a high standard for MLS training amenities, this expansion is designed to accommodate the growth and the increasing demands of a top-tier soccer club.

Enhancing Facilities for Global Standards

The expanded training ground will nearly double its current size to 50,000 square feet and will include over 500,000 square feet of playing surfaces. This includes six full-length fields and two warm-up areas, all designed to provide the first team and academy players with the best conditions for training and recovery. This development is not just an upgrade but a transformation meant to make the training ground one of the world's premier soccer facilities.

Focused Upgrades for Broad Benefits

In addition to the physical expansion, the project will renovate Truist Pavilion, enhancing flex spaces and upgrading locker rooms to meet professional standards. These changes aim to better host international soccer teams and federations, especially as major global soccer events approach.

Garth Lagerwey, president and CEO of Atlanta United, highlights the timing of the expansion as a "generational opportunity" to impact the sport in the region significantly, particularly with the imminent arrival of prestigious international tournaments in the United States.

A Hub for Youth Development and Media Excellence

The expansion will also include a special focus on youth development and media production. Nearly 4,000 square feet will be dedicated to ATL UTD 2 and the club's five academy teams, featuring a gym, locker rooms, and office space tailored for the teams and over 20 staff members. Educational facilities will also be enhanced, partnering with the Atlanta International School to support youth players in achieving their academic goals.

The new facilities will not only serve the club's immediate needs but also provide a platform for content development and distribution, including digital content studios, a podcast and esports studio, and a new press conference room. These additions are set to offer fans and media enhanced access to high-quality content and live productions.


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