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Arkadiusz Milik as an entrepreneur. All businesses of the new Juventus player.

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Arkadiusz Milik has just been announced as the new Juventus player in Turin. How is a footballer doing as an entrepreneur?


Arkadiusz Milik is the owner of the Food & Ball restaurant in Katowice, Poland. The restaurant is connected to a sports pub, and the whole interior is embellished with the original match shirts of the players against whom the new Juventus player played. In the restaurant, we can see match shirts with original signatures of footballers such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Leo Messi or Francesco Totti.

Source of the picture: Football Business Journal, 2022

Source of the picture: Football Business Journal, 2022


In 2021, the company, that the major amount of shares is owned by polish footballer, bought the former Rozwój Katowice's Stadium. It is worth to mention that Rozwój Katowice was the first club of Arkadiusz Milik. The company paid approx. PLN 18.5 million. As part of the transaction, the company took over 11 plots of land with a total area of ​​almost 66,000 square meters. The local spatial development plan specifies that this area is to be used as public utility buildings in the field of sports and recreation, along with arranged greenery. In practice, this means that, for example, a stadium, sports hall or other recreational and sports facility may be built there.


Footballer Arkadiusz Milik and youtuber Patryk "Rojson" Rojewski became investors and faces of the campaign advertising the offer of the e-sports platform Day of Duel. The Day of Duel platform is aimed at both experienced players and amateurs. An original algorithm will supervise the selection of players according to a similar skill level. The platform is in the beta stage and will be launched on the market in spring 2023.


Arkadiusz Milik is listed in the Polish national court register as a co-owner of Kingvestment. According to the available data, the company is to operate in the polish real estate market. The company is constantly preparing for housing investment. The company Arkadiusz Milik is to build a housing estate in the area of ​​Wojska Polskiego and Wilczewskiego streets. Development conditions have already been issued for the area of ​​8,276 m², but the details of the design have not yet been announced.


The new player of Juventus Turin also co-owns the fashion brand WildMascot. The second co-owner of the brand is Milik's ex-wife. It is not known, how the separation of the couple influenced the player's involvement in the development of the brand, which, according to the data in the national court register, is still a co-owner.

"The key assumptions of the Wild Mascot brand are the highest quality Italian and French fabrics, Polish crafts and original designs.

The original collection of the Wild Mascot brand is a comprehensive wardrobe of a modern woman, the essence of the slogan "24/7" from the premium category - we can find in it well-thought-out suits with extended jackets, boho dresses, spring coats, bombers and tops. "



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