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Al-Qadsiah Club Appoints James Bisgrove as New CEO to Drive Strategic Development.

Salem Badughaish

Al-Qadsiah Club James Bisgrove
Al-Qadsiah Club James Bisgrove

Al-Qadsiah Club, one of the premier sports organizations in the region, has announced the appointment of James Bisgrove as its new Chief Executive Officer. This decision, led by the club's chairman Mr. Bader Al-Razizah, marks a significant step in strengthening the club's administrative and investment endeavors.

Experienced Leadership for Enhanced Growth

James Bisgrove brings a wealth of experience to Al-Qadsiah Club, having held prominent positions in several high-profile organizations. Most notably, Bisgrove served as CEO and a Board Member at Scottish Rangers Club, where his leadership was instrumental in the club's development. His tenure at UEFA as Director of Sponsorships for the Champions League and Europa League from 2016 to 2019 also highlights his capability in driving substantial growth and implementing effective strategies in sports management.

Strategic Objectives and Future Aspirations

The appointment of Bisgrove is part of Al-Qadsiah's strategic plan to enhance its operations on multiple fronts, including administration and investment. Under his leadership, the club is expected to see a revitalization of its management practices and an increase in its investment initiatives, which are essential for competing at higher levels both domestically and internationally.

Commitment to Club and Community

The Board of Directors of Al-Qadsiah Club has expressed its confidence in Bisgrove, emphasizing that his track record of success is well-aligned with the club's long-term goals. They believe his leadership will not only lead to improved organizational performance but also bring joy and pride to the club's supporters.

A New Chapter for Al-Qadsia Club

With James Bisgrove at the helm, Al-Qadsiah Club is poised to embark on a transformative journey. His comprehensive experience in sports management and marketing, combined with his proven leadership skills, are expected to propel the club towards achieving its strategic objectives and enhancing its standing in the competitive sports arena.

As Al-Qadsiah Club looks to the future, the addition of James Bisgrove as CEO is a promising development that could redefine the club's trajectory, ensuring its growth and success in the coming years. Fans and stakeholders alike are optimistic that this new chapter will herald an era of renewed vigor and achievement for the club.


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