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Ajax and Coinmerce Forge a Strategic Partnership to Elevate Crypto Awareness.

Roger Hampel

Ajax Coinmerce
Ajax Coinmerce

In a landmark move, AFC Ajax, a leading football club, has announced a significant partnership with Coinmerce, a prominent cryptocurrency platform. This collaboration marks a pivotal step towards integrating the burgeoning world of cryptocurrency with mainstream sports culture.

Bridging Crypto and Football

Ajax and Coinmerce have entered into an official partnership agreement that extends until 2027, underscoring a long-term commitment between the two entities. Coinmerce, recognized as one of the largest crypto brokers in the Netherlands, is registered with De Nederlandsche Bank and boasts the most extensive investment offerings among European crypto brokers.

The partnership aims to leverage Ajax's massive following and Coinmerce's expertise in cryptocurrency to foster greater understanding and adoption of crypto investments. Cas Biesta, the Interim Commercial Director at AFC Ajax, highlighted the mutual benefits, stating, "Coinmerce is one of the largest crypto brokers in the Netherlands. We are excited to help them expand their brand presence throughout the Netherlands and support their ambition to secure a leading position in Europe."

Increasing Crypto Accessibility and Education

Coinmerce's mission to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone aligns seamlessly with Ajax's community-focused initiatives. Through this partnership, both organizations intend to educate sports enthusiasts and the broader public about the benefits and safety of crypto investments.

Jaap de Bruijn, CEO of Coinmerce, expressed enthusiasm about the venture, saying, "More and more people, including sports fans, are showing interest in crypto. Our previous collaboration with Team Visma-Lease a Bike was just the beginning. We are now proud to step into the football arena with Ajax. It's crucial that more people understand how to secure their financial future with cryptocurrencies."

Enhancing Fan Engagement Through Innovative Campaigns

The partnership will also see innovative marketing campaigns aimed at educating Ajax fans about cryptocurrency through engaging and responsible methods. These initiatives will help demystify the often-complex world of crypto investments, making it more approachable for the everyday fan.

Source: AFC Ajax


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