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AC Milan and Off-White™ Launch "I Support Sport for Change" Initiative to Empower Nairobi's At-Risk Girls.

Roger Hampel

AC Milan Off-White™
AC Milan Off-White™

In a move that underscores the unique synergy between fashion and sports, AC Milan and Off-White™ have further cemented their partnership by unveiling a limited-edition "I SUPPORT SPORT FOR CHANGE" t-shirt. This initiative is not just a fashion statement but a powerful campaign aimed at empowering at-risk girls in Nairobi through football, highlighting the transformative power of sport.

The Power of Partnership

Since 2022, AC Milan and Off-White™ have embarked on a revolutionary partnership with a clear objective: leveraging the universal language of sport to enact social change. This collaboration has evolved beyond traditional sponsorships, touching lives directly through targeted philanthropic efforts.

Driving Change in Nairobi AC Milan Off-White™

The heart of this campaign lies in Nairobi's Dandora and Korogocho slums, where Fondazione Milan’s initiative, in cooperation with Alice for Children, uses football as a tool to empower over 1,300 at-risk Kenyan girls. This program combines sport with educational and psychological support to inspire these young girls, aged 10 to 18, to recognize their value and strength during a critical period of their lives.

The Limited-Edition T-Shirt

To champion this cause, AC Milan and Off-White™ have crafted a limited-edition t-shirt that is both a fashion item and a symbol of support for social change. The beige t-shirt features bold red lettering stating “I SUPPORT SPORT FOR CHANGE” and combines the iconic symbols of both brands: the AC Milan diavolo and the Off-White™ Arrow logo, representing a unique blend of fashion and sport values.

Impact Beyond Fashion

Proceeds from the t-shirt sales will support Fondazione Milan's Sport for Change program, demonstrating how fashion and sports can unite to address social issues such as education inequality and poverty. This initiative also promotes integration and social inclusion across the globe, building on previous successful collaborations between Off-White™ and Fondazione Milan.

A Campaign with a Heart

The campaign features notable AC Milan men's and women's team players, alongside famous supporters and real fans who embody the values of this joint mission. By bringing together figures from diverse backgrounds, the campaign illustrates the inclusive spirit of the initiative, uniting people in support of a common cause.

Source: AC Milan Media


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