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A Hat-Trick of Partnerships: FC Copenhagen's New Deals with Adidas, Carlsberg, and Unibet.

Roger Hampel

FC Copenhagen
FC Copenhagen

FOT: FC Copenhagen via Instagram

FC Copenhagen has made a significant splash in danish football by securing three major partnership agreements, setting new standards in the realms of sports merchandising, fan experience, and club marketing. These collaborations with Adidas, Carlsberg, and Unibet not only reinforce FC Copenhagen's status in the Scandinavian football scene but also globally.

Adidas: Elevating Club Merchandising to New Heights

On January 17, 2024, FC Copenhagen announced an unprecedented partnership with Adidas, marking a new era in club merchandising. This deal, hailed as a first in Scandinavia, elevates FC Copenhagen to a level comparable to the world's most ambitious clubs. Adidas commits to providing unique player jerseys, training wear, and casual clothing, including exclusive sub-brand products like Originals.

Mikkel Grove Lindsted, FC Copenhagen's Commercial Director, emphasized the significance of this partnership: "Our 'We are Copenhagen' strategy has propelled the club to new heights. This Adidas deal is a testament to our efforts and attractiveness to major international brands." The agreement ensures that FC Copenhagen's identity is firmly imprinted on all products, promising a unique Copenhagen touch on global Adidas platforms.

Carlsberg: Enhancing the Fan Experience at Parken

A new five-year deal with Carlsberg, announced on January 19, 2024, cements the brewery's position as one of FC Copenhagen's key partners. This agreement aims to transform the fan experience at Parken, the club's home ground. Significant investments will modernize Parken's infrastructure, expanding beverage options and introducing innovative serving formats.

The partnership also includes the creation of a unique FC Copenhagen beer and the transformation of Parken's C-tribune and several bars in the capital city to reflect the club's colors. Mikkel Grove Lindsted states, "This partnership with Carlsberg reflects our shared roots in Copenhagen and our commitment to giving back to the community through enhanced experiences at Parken."

Unibet: Continuing a Strong and Relevant Partnership

On January 18, 2024, FC Copenhagen extended their partnership with Unibet until the summer of 2027. This collaboration focuses on creating exceptional fan experiences, including initiatives like documentary films and unique match-day events. Unibet's commitment to the club's ethos and its focus on responsible gaming make it a valuable partner in the club's strategy to create a sustainable ecosystem.

Lars Gade, Country Manager from Unibet, expressed enthusiasm about the continuation of the partnership, highlighting Unibet's deep engagement and passion for the club's success.

A Triad of Partnerships Signifying Growth and Ambition

These three partnerships are not just commercial triumphs; they represent a strategic alignment with FC Copenhagen's vision of becoming a globally recognized football club. Each partner brings unique strengths and opportunities, contributing to the club's financial stability and brand enhancement. As FC Copenhagen continues to excel on the field, these collaborations ensure that the club's infrastructure, fan engagement, and market presence are equally robust, setting a new benchmark in football club partnerships.

Source: FC Copenhagen


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