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Wolves and Over the Pitch Launch a Unique Korea-Inspired Collection.

Roger Hampel

Wolves Over the Pitch
Wolves Over the Pitch

FOT: Over the pitch

In an exciting collaboration that bridges football and fashion, Wolverhampton Wanderers (Wolves) and Over the Pitch have unveiled a stunning new lifestyle collection that pays homage to Korean culture. This collaboration is especially significant as it celebrates the presence of Korean player Hee-chan Hwang in the Wolves team, blending sports, art, and national pride in a unique fashion line.

The collection draws inspiration from the iconic work of Korean artist Lee Jung Seob, renowned for his painting of the 'Hwangso' (Bull), a symbol of resilience and strength that resonates deeply with the Korean spirit. This artistic influence is seamlessly integrated into the design of the collection, making it a vibrant celebration of Korean heritage and the spirited performance of Hee-chan Hwang on the European football stage.

The PX WOLVES Collection by Over the Pitch and Wolverhampton

This collaboration marks the launch of the most Korean-centric collection inspired by Hee-chan Hwang, showcasing the fusion of art, culture, and football. The range features clothing items adorned with Korean-themed prints, reflecting the identity of Hwang Hee-chan and the Wolves. The collection is a tribute to Lee Jung Seob's artistic legacy, interpreted through contemporary fashion that appeals to football fans and style enthusiasts alike.

The designs not only capture the essence of the 'Hwangso' but also embody the courage and sincerity of Hee-chan Hwang's journey with Wolverhampton Wanderers in European football. This collection is a testament to the player's impact on the pitch and his role as a cultural ambassador off it.

Celebrating Korean Derby and Wolverhampton's Korean App Launch

The unveiling of this collection coincides with the celebration of the Korean Derby and the launch of Wolverhampton's Korean app. This timing underscores the club's commitment to engaging with its Korean fanbase and expanding its global footprint. The collaboration with Over the Pitch is a strategic move to leverage the growing popularity of football in Korea and to honor the contributions of Korean players to the sport.

A Fusion of Football, Fashion, and Art

This unique collaboration between Wolves and Over the Pitch is a pioneering effort to merge the worlds of football, fashion, and art. By incorporating the artistic brilliance of Lee Jung Seob and the dynamic presence of Hee-chan Hwang, the collection offers fans a new way to express their support and appreciation for the cultural diversity within the sport.

Fans are invited to explore the collection, which is available for a limited time, promising to bring a fresh gold and black makeover to the store with its Korean-inspired designs. This collection is not just merchandise; it's a statement of cultural pride, artistic appreciation, and footballing passion.

As Wolves continue to make strides on the European stage, collaborations like these highlight the club's innovative approach to fan engagement and cultural integration. The PX WOLVES Collection is a celebration of Korean culture, art, and football, symbolizing the global unity and diversity that the sport brings together.


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