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What Are the Business Benefits for Premier League of Playing Games on Boxing Day and New Year's Day?

Roger Hampel

Premier League New Year
Premier League New Year

The English Premier League, celebrated for its exhilarating matches and top-tier talent, holds a unique tradition that distinctly sets it apart - the festive fixtures on Boxing Day and New Year's Day. These dates are not just a nod to tradition but also a strategic business move with significant benefits. Let's explore the array of advantages these festive fixtures offer to the league, clubs, and associated businesses.

1. A Surge in Viewership and Advertising Revenue

Holidays are synonymous with relaxation and family gatherings, creating the perfect scenario for increased television viewership of Premier League games. This heightened audience translates into lucrative advertising opportunities, boosting revenue for both the league and its broadcasting partners.

2. Skyrocketing Merchandise Sales

The timing of these fixtures aligns perfectly with the festive season, a peak period for merchandise sales. Fans, imbued with the holiday spirit, are more inclined to purchase team merchandise, be it for gifting or personal use. This season is critical for clubs to maximize their merchandise revenue.

3. Global Brand Exposure and Attraction of International Sponsors

While many leagues enter a winter hiatus, the Premier League's decision to continue playing offers it an unparalleled global stage. This global visibility is immensely attractive to international sponsors, eager to associate with a brand that commands worldwide attention, even during the festive season.

Premier League New Year

4. Increased Stadium Attendance and Revenue

Despite the chill, the festive fixtures often witness high stadium attendances. Fans are more inclined to spend their holidays watching their favorite teams live, leading to increased ticket sales and in-stadium revenues from food, beverages, and merchandise sales.

5. Enhanced Fan Engagement and Loyalty

There’s something special about football during the festive season that resonates with fans. Maintaining these fixtures is not just about tradition; it's about nurturing fan engagement and loyalty. The emotional bond fans form during these games is invaluable for clubs in terms of long-term fan retention.

6. Creating a Competitive Edge

The Premier League's festive fixtures give it a unique competitive advantage. It remains a focal point in the global sports arena while other leagues are on break, attracting football fans worldwide who crave live action during this period.


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