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Valencia CF and PUMA Extend Partnership.

Roger Hampel

FOT: Valencia CF

Valencia CF and PUMA have officially announced the renewal of their long-standing partnership, signaling the start of an exciting new chapter for both organizations. The new agreement, effective from June 30th, 2024, comes after a prosperous 4-season alliance and aims to deepen their relationship further in various aspects.

Continuing As Official Technical Sponsor

PUMA will continue to serve as Valencia CF's official technical sponsor, supplying the match kits and training outfits for the club's first team, VCF Femenino, and the VCF Academy for both men and women. The renewed partnership strengthens this strategic alliance, promising quality and innovation in sportswear.

Shared Values and Objectives

Since their initial agreement in the 2019-20 season, both Valencia CF and PUMA have focused on shared values such as daringness, fighting spirit, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. The extended contract reaffirms the mutual dedication to elevating the partnership by incorporating design elements that resonate with the club's identity and the city it represents.

Beyond the Kits: A Focus on Development and Innovation

One of the key aspects of this partnership is the shared vision for sports development from grassroots to elite levels. Both organizations are set to work closely on innovative projects aimed at maintaining a high standard in sporting development and fostering deeper connections with fans.

Executive Insights

Javier Ortega, General Manager Europe of PUMA, described the relationship as "exceptional," emphasizing the alignment in vision and goals for the future. Layhoon Chan, President of Valencia CF, reiterated the sentiments, stating that the partnership had created a "strong and meaningful relationship" that will continue to grow in the coming years.

Future Developments

The extension of this partnership comes at a time when Valencia CF is embarking on significant projects, including the development of a new stadium. PUMA’s long-term commitment underscores mutual trust and a shared vision for challenging developments ahead.

PUMA's Influence in European Football

Valencia CF joins other top European clubs such as Manchester City, AC Milan, Borussia Dortmund, and Olympique de Marseille as references for PUMA in the major European leagues, further solidifying its standing in the realm of football sponsorships.


The renewal of the partnership between Valencia CF and PUMA is more than just a commercial agreement; it's an alliance focused on mutual growth, community impact, and the celebration of football. With an eye on innovation, talent development, and fan engagement, both entities are kicking off a new era that promises to be both exciting and transformative.


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