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UEFA Announces 2024/25 Research Grants for Football Scholars.

Roger Hampel

UEFA Research Grants
UEFA Research Grants


The UEFA Academy has announced an exciting opportunity for football scholars through its 2024/25 research grant programmes. This initiative is set to be a game-changer in the realm of football research, offering substantial funding and fostering collaborations that could shape the future of this beloved sport.

Overview of the Grant Opportunities

The UEFA Academy has dedicated €135,000 for the next season to encourage research that aligns with the needs of national football associations. This funding is divided into two main streams: the 15th cycle of the UEFA Research Grant Programme (UEFA RGP) and the second cycle of the UEFA Medical Research Grant Programme (UEFA MRGP). These programmes are tailored to support research that contributes significantly to the football community, ranging from on-field performance to broader socio-economic impacts.

Collaboration with National Associations

A unique aspect of these grants is the emphasis on collaboration between researchers and national football associations. Proposals for the UEFA RGP must include a support letter from a national association, while it's strongly encouraged for the UEFA MRGP applications. This requirement ensures that the research projects are not only academically sound but also practically relevant to the current needs and challenges faced by the football community.

Areas of Research and Funding

The UEFA RGP and MRGP are open to a wide array of academic disciplines such as economics, history, law, management, political science, psychology, and sociology, ensuring a comprehensive approach to football research. Specifically, the UEFA MRGP has allocated €60,000 per cycle, equally divided between general and women’s football research. This inclusive approach underlines UEFA's commitment to advancing knowledge across all facets of the sport.

A Legacy of Success: The UEFA RGP

Since its inception in 2009, the UEFA RGP has been instrumental in pioneering research that aids strategic decision-making in European football. The programme has gained traction over the years, as evidenced by the 36 research proposals supported in the 2023/24 cycle. This growing interest reflects the increasing value placed on academic insights in the football industry.

Example of Impact: Case Study

Tom Webb, a senior lecturer in sports management and development at the University of Portsmouth, England, highlights the impact of the grant. His research, supported by UEFA and national football associations, delved into referee abuse and training across cultures. This is a testament to how these grants can lead to significant contributions in both academic and professional spheres.

Application Details

  • Eligibility: Researchers affiliated with a university or equivalent institution, supported by a UEFA member association.

  • Deadline: Annual application with the next deadline on 15 March 2024.

  • Duration: Nine months of research.

  • Location: Research conducted at the applicant's home institution.

  • Funding: Individual grants of up to €15,000 and joint grants of up to €20,000.

  • Number of Grants: A maximum of five grants per cycle, with a total allocation of €75,000.


The 2024/25 UEFA research grants represent an unparalleled opportunity for scholars in the field of football. By bridging the gap between academia and the practical world of football, these grants are poised to bring forth innovations and insights that could redefine the sport in the years to come. As the application deadline approaches, researchers worldwide are encouraged to seize this chance to contribute to the ever-evolving narrative of football.


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