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The Benefits for European Football Clubs Playing Preseason Games in the United States.

Roger Hampel

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European football clubs are progressively leveraging the opportunity to play preseason games in the United States. An unusual yet impactful strategy, it offers a plethora of benefits ranging from brand expansion to improved team morale. This article aims to highlight these key advantages, proving why this trend is becoming a popular choice among the titans of European football.

Expanding Global Brand Recognition

European clubs venturing into the US market allows for significant brand exposure in a nation that is increasingly embracing football. This expansion provides an essential platform to connect with an entirely new fan base, improving international brand recognition. Clubs like Manchester United, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich have already seen substantial growth in American fan engagement as a result of their preseason tours.

Financial Gains

Playing preseason games in the US also opens up new financial opportunities for European clubs. This strategy leads to higher merchandise sales, lucrative sponsorship deals, and television rights sales in a country where sports marketing is a billion-dollar industry. Moreover, clubs are often paid large sums just for participating in these preseason tournaments, providing a direct and substantial revenue source.

Player Development

Preseason tours also provide excellent opportunities for player development. The demanding travel schedule, playing against unfamiliar teams, and adapting to different climates and pitches helps players strengthen their physical and mental resilience. Additionally, it gives the coaching staff a chance to evaluate their squads in different environments and situations.

Team Building

Another vital benefit of playing preseason games in the US is the enhanced team-building experience. Being away from home creates a bonding environment, fostering camaraderie and unity within the squad. Such team spirit is a crucial component that often translates into improved performances when the actual season begins.

Outreach Opportunities

European clubs also use their US tours to engage in community outreach programs. They host football clinics, visit schools, and involve themselves in local charities. Such activities not only boost their image but also help grow the sport in the United States, laying foundations for a long-term presence and positive relations.

Testing American Market

Lastly, playing preseason games in the US allows European clubs to test this burgeoning market. They can gauge fan enthusiasm, evaluate market potential, and assess the viability of future investments, such as establishing youth academies or forging partnerships with American clubs.


The US, with its growing love for football, presents an unmissable opportunity for European clubs. Preseason games in the States are not just about preparing the team for the upcoming season; they also offer a unique chance to expand the clubs' global presence, enhance their financial prospects, and develop their players. This strategy promises to become an integral part of European football, with both the sport and the clubs standing to benefit significantly.

Remember, "soccer" may not have been born in the US, but it's quickly finding a second home there, much to the advantage of Europe's most prestigious clubs.

The Benefits for European Football Clubs Playing Preseason Games in the United States.


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