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Real Madrid Crowned Forbes' Most Valuable Football Club for Third Year Running.

Roger Hampel

Real Madrid Forbes
Real Madrid Forbes

In a remarkable demonstration of financial prowess and sporting excellence, Real Madrid has once again been named the world's most valuable football club by Forbes. The iconic Spanish club leads the list with an astounding valuation of $6.6 billion, marking its third consecutive year at the summit of global football wealth.

Real Madrid's Financial Dominance

The annual Forbes report released on May 23, 2024, not only confirmed Real Madrid's top spot but also revealed a 9% increase in the club's value compared to the previous year. This valuation is a testament to the club's robust financial health and its strategic initiatives both on and off the pitch. Real Madrid outpaced its closest competitor, Manchester United, by a slim margin, with the English club valued at $6.55 billion.

A Closer Look at the Numbers Real Madrid Forbes

Real Madrid's financial metrics are impressive. The club generated the highest revenue among all football teams, totaling $873 million last year. This revenue stream is bolstered by its successful performances in international competitions, having clinched 5 of the last 10 UEFA Champions League titles—an unmatched record in the modern era.

Moreover, the club leads in commercial earnings, with shirt sponsorship deals averaging $205 million annually, the highest in the footballing world. Such figures are indicative of Real Madrid's strong global brand and its appeal to sponsors and fans alike.

The Global Elite: Top 10 Clubs by Value

The Forbes list is a who's who of footballing giants, with clubs from Europe's elite leagues dominating the top spots. Following Real Madrid and Manchester United are:

These valuations are reflective of the massive global following, successful marketing strategies, and consistent on-field performances of these clubs.

Implications for the Business of Football

Real Madrid's continued financial success highlights the growing economic scale of football, where elite clubs leverage their brand to generate significant revenues from broadcasting rights, merchandise sales, and sponsorship deals. The financial robustness of these clubs also points to a broader trend of increasing investments in sports franchises as high-value assets.


Real Madrid's position as Forbes' most valuable football club for three consecutive years is no small feat. It underscores the club's strategic acumen in managing its brand, assets, and operations to optimize financial growth and sporting success. As the business of football continues to evolve, Real Madrid's blueprint for success offers valuable insights into how clubs can thrive in this competitive landscape.


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