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Proud to be Napoli: SSC Napoli Unveils New Brand Identity.

Roger Hampel

Proud to be Napoli
Proud to be Napoli

SSC Napoli has proudly launched its new brand identity, epitomizing the pride and passion associated with "being Napoli." This exciting transformation was showcased in a captivating video that eloquently captures the essence of Neapolitan pride.

Revamped Logo: Minimalist and Modern

The iconic SSC Napoli logo has undergone a significant makeover. The traditional Napoleonic "N" has been refined to a more minimalist and contemporary design. This sleek, monochrome variant removes extraneous elements, resulting in a cleaner and more stylish emblem that embodies modern aesthetics.

Proud to be Napoli
Proud to be Napoli

Introducing BE NAPOLI: A Unique Club Font Proud to be Napoli

One of the standout changes in the rebranding effort is the introduction of SSC Napoli’s proprietary font, BE NAPOLI. This custom typography reflects the intrinsic qualities of the club and the vibrant city it represents.

A Melting Pot of Inspiration

Naples is renowned for its eclectic mix of cultural influences, and the BE NAPOLI font draws inspiration from this rich heritage. The font features convergence points and diagonal lines that evoke the city’s dynamic vistas, while the solid, compact characters mirror the unity and determination of the team. The acute angles in the font symbolize the grit and speed that define both the city and the football club.

Proud to be Napoli
Proud to be Napoli

Celebrating Neapolitan Origin: The Launch Video

The launch video for SSC Napoli’s new identity is a visual homage to Naples. It takes viewers on a journey through both the well-known and hidden gems of the city, from the bustling Spanish quarters to the serene Ipogeo dei Cristallini. This narrative showcases the city’s vibrant contrasts, celebrating its innovative spirit and deep-rooted traditions.

Iconic and Lesser-Known Treasures

The video explores iconic locations such as Spaccanapoli and the Centro Direzionale, alongside lesser-known spots like the Doll Hospital, where old dolls are meticulously restored. This blend of the familiar and the obscure aims to honor Naples' intellectual and cultural diversity.

The New Home Kit: A Symbol of Pride

Unveiled at the stunning Pausilypon Archeological Site, the SSC Napoli home jersey for the 2024/25 season exemplifies elegance and attention to detail. The jersey, created in collaboration with EA7, features a sophisticated design with retro details like a V-neck with woven rib stitching.

Proud to be Napoli
Proud to be Napoli

Innovations in Design

The redesigned SSC Napoli logo patch boasts a 3D effect, adding visual depth and reflecting the club’s commitment to contemporary design trends. The jersey, made from sport performance polyester, features an all-over hot press pattern of the iconic "N," with contrasting details in textured stretch material that highlight the ergonomic cut. A special Scudetto hologram print at the bottom ensures authenticity.

A Journey of Togetherness

Tommaso Bianchini, Napoli’s Chief Revenue Officer, expressed the club's vision: "We’re living through the Neapolitan Renaissance. As part of Napoli, we are integral to this journey, which is where our desire to innovate our brand identity comes from. We have maintained respect for our past while looking to the future."

Bianchini emphasized the dual focus on tradition and innovation, underpinning the "Proud to be Napoli" campaign. This journey aims to bring together the harmonious elements of the city, showcasing its secret places to the world.

Season Ticket Campaign and Partnership with MSC Cruises

The new season ticket campaign for the 2024/25 season launches on July 9, inviting supporters to continue experiencing the unparalleled passion for Napoli.

MSC Cruises, the club’s main sponsor, reiterated their commitment. Leonardo Massa, Vice President Southern Europe of MSC Group’s Cruise Division, stated, "We share the values and goals of SSC Napoli. The blue of the jersey recalls the sea, an integral part of our city. Together, we strive for excellence in every competition."


The redesigned logo, custom font, and new home kit all symbolize the pride, passion, and innovation that define both the club and the city. This rebranding marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for SSC Napoli, as they continue to represent Neapolitan pride on the global stage.

SOURCE/PHOTO CREDITS: SSC Napoli Press and Media Department


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