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LOSC Lille Has Teamed Up with StadiumGO to Offer an Innovative Carpooling Solution For Fans.

Roger Hampel

LOSC Lille StadiumGO
LOSC Lille StadiumGO

LOSC Lille, in collaboration with StadiumGO, has launched a pioneering carpooling initiative to facilitate environmentally responsible travel for fans heading to Stade Pierre Mauroy. This strategic partnership aims to streamline match-day logistics, alleviate parking constraints, and significantly reduce carbon emissions, aligning with modern sustainable practices in sports management.

Innovative Carpooling System

Through the StadiumGO platform, LOSC fans can easily coordinate shared rides to home games. The system is designed for simplicity: fans can list their available seats or search for a ride using filters to match their travel needs. This service not only enhances the match-day experience by easing access to the stadium but also fosters a sense of community among supporters.

Environmental and Community Benefits

Engaging in this carpooling initiative allows fans to actively participate in reducing their environmental footprint. In recognition of their contribution, participants gain access to exclusive parking spots and are automatically entered into the COVOITIRAGE raffle, which rewards fans with unique club experiences and prizes.

Additional Incentives for Long-Distance Travel

To further encourage widespread adoption of the service, StadiumGO offers a €25 bonus for carpool journeys exceeding 80 kilometers. This incentive is designed to attract fans traveling from distant locations, promoting the use of shared transport among the broader club community.

A Model for Eco-Friendly Sports Practices

LOSC Lille's partnership with StadiumGO sets a precedent for integrating sustainability into sports business operations. By offering practical solutions for common match-day issues such as traffic and pollution, LOSC not only enhances fan engagement but also reinforces its commitment to environmental stewardship.


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