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Lidl and Latvian Football Federation Team Up to Elevate Girls' Football in Latvia.

Roger Hampel

Lidl Latvian Football Federation
Lidl Latvian Football Federation

Latvia is set to witness a significant boost in girls' football and futsal championships, thanks to a collaborative initiative spearheaded by Lidl Latvia and the Latvian Football Federation (LFF). This partnership aims to raise the bar for competition and serve as a dynamic platform for the recruitment and development of young female talents in sports. Beginning today, this initiative marks a pivotal chapter in Latvia's commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive sports culture.

The "Lidl" Girls' Summer Championship: A New Season Begins

Highlighting the football calendar for girls this year is the "Lidl" Girls' Summer Championship, which promises not only outdoor excitement but also indoor competition during the winter months. With the championships spanning age groups from U-8 to U-16, the initiative is dedicated to providing a comprehensive developmental pathway for young female athletes in Latvia.

Lidl's Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion, and Health

"Lidl Latvia, championing diversity, inclusion, and a healthy lifestyle, has pledged its support to girls' football in Latvia. Recognizing the segment's rapid global development, it's clear that girls' football in Latvia needs more attention and support," explained Maciej Urbanskis, Chairman of the Board at Lidl Latvia. This statement underscores Lidl Latvia's resolve to create a positive sporting environment that encourages participation and growth within girls' football.

Developing a Platform for Success in Women's Football

The General Secretary of the Latvian Football Federation, Arturs Gaidels, welcomed the initiative, emphasizing the importance of engaging with knowledgeable and committed partners to develop girls' and women's football as a platform for success. This collaboration seeks to harness the growing popularity of women's football, aspiring to make it the most popular female sport in Latvia over time.

A Bright Future for Women's Football in Latvia

This initiative between Lidl Latvia and the LFF transcends the mere organization of football championships; it's about laying a solid foundation for the future of women's football in the country. By providing opportunities for young girls to engage with football, the initiative aims to instill a passion for the game, promote physical fitness, and encourage values like teamwork and personal development.


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