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Jude Bellingham in the New Adidas' Thrilling Predator Series Advert.

Roger Hampel

Bellingham Adidas
Bellingham Adidas

The new star of Real Madrid, recently took the spotlight in an adrenaline-fueled Adidas commercial for their legendary Predator series boots. The advertisement, which casts the English midfielder in an intriguing role, further cements Bellingham's rising status in the world of football and his burgeoning relationship with Adidas.

In the commercial, Bellingham showcases his acting chops by playing the role of a stealthy thief who daringly steals a pair of secret boots from a high-tech laboratory. This creative narrative not only highlights the allure and desirability of the Adidas Predator boots but also aligns with Bellingham's on-field persona of agility, skill, and audacity.

This collaboration with Adidas comes after Bellingham signed a lucrative multimillion-dollar contract with the sportswear giant in November. At just 20 years old, Bellingham's endorsement deal with Adidas is a significant milestone in his rapidly advancing career and a testament to his marketability as one of football's most promising talents.

Bellingham's transfer to Real Madrid from Borussia Dortmund last summer for an impressive 103 million euros marked a new chapter in his career. Since his move, he has had a meteoric rise in Madrid, demonstrating his prowess on the field with a remarkable tally of 17 goals and 6 assists in just 23 matches across all competitions. His performance not only underscores his skill and versatility on the pitch but also his ability to adapt and excel in a new footballing environment.

The English midfielder's role in the Adidas Predator advert is more than just a commercial appearance; it's a symbolic representation of his growing influence in the football world. As a young player already making waves at a top-tier club like Real Madrid and engaging in high-profile endorsements, Bellingham is rapidly becoming a household name and an inspiration to aspiring footballers worldwide.


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