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Juan Román Riquelme Elected President of Boca Juniors in a Record-Breaking Election.

Roger Hampel

Juan Román Riquelme President of Boca Juniors
Juan Román Riquelme President of Boca Juniors

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Juan Román Riquelme, the revered former midfielder, has been elected as the new president of Boca Juniors, one of the most prestigious clubs in Argentina. This election set a new record for voter turnout in the country, marking a significant chapter in the club's history.

Election Overview

The election saw Riquelme, a retired offensive midfielder with a storied career, triumph over opponent Andrés Ibarra. A staggering 46,000 members of Boca Juniors ('socios') cast their votes, making it the highest turnout ever seen in Argentina's football elections.

Voting Details

Riquelme secured the presidency with an overwhelming 65.3% of the vote, amounting to over 30,000 votes. Ibarra, his closest competitor, garnered 34.4% of the votes, totaling nearly 16,000. The remaining 0.3% were invalid votes.

Historical Context

These elections were the second-largest in terms of size for a club president worldwide. The record is still held by the 2010 election of Sandro Rosell at Barcelona, which counted over 57,000 ballots.

Riquelme's Previous Role and Achievements

For the past four years, Riquelme served as the vice president of Boca Juniors. Under the outgoing 75-year-old president Jorge Amor Ameal, the club achieved significant success, including two Argentine championships, the Argentine Cup, two Argentine League Cups, and the Argentine Super Cup.

Recent Season Performance

In the most recent season, Boca Juniors reached the Copa Libertadores final but were bested by Fluminense. Interestingly, they will miss the next edition of this tournament due to their position in the Primera División, setting their sights instead on competing in the Copa Sudamericana.


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